101-Year-Old Woman From Maine Is Still Lobstering With No Plans Of Retiring

source: Youtube/NEWS CENTER Maine

Meet Ginny Oliver, the indomitable Lobster Lady of Maine. Retirement may be a dream for most, but not for this spirited woman. At 101 years old, Ginny has spent the better part of her 90-year career working on lobster boats. From the moment she stepped foot on her first vessel at the age of 8, Ginny’s love for the sea and its delicious bounty has never wavered.

Born in 1920 on Claredon Street, Maine, Ginny still calls this quaint coastal town home. Though not in the exact house she was born in, Ginny and her late husband made their abode on the very same street where she spent her childhood. It’s the house where she raised her four children and where her beloved grandkids love to gather.

source: Youtube/NEWS CENTER Maine

In those early years, Ginny would join her father and brother on their boat, venturing out to catch lobsters and sardines destined for local factories. Of course, they always set aside a portion of their catch for their own enjoyment—a tradition Ginny proudly upholds to this day. Her idea of lobster bliss? A mouthwatering lobster roll crafted with Maine’s finest lobster, a toasted bun, a touch of mayo, and nothing more. And let’s not forget her remarkable baking skills. Ginny’s doughnuts, cakes, and brownies have achieved legendary status in the community.

But the culinary delights don’t end there. Every Sunday night, Ginny’s family gathers at her house to indulge in her famous baked beans—a tradition that has stood the test of time. Recently, Ginny’s 75-year-old son, Max, returned home to support his mother, though it’s clear she still possesses an incredible zest for life and an enviable independence. 

Known as “The Boss,” she exudes a no-nonsense attitude that demands respect. Yet, beneath that tough exterior lies a wicked sense of humor that keeps everyone on their toes. When her doctor dared to question why she was still lobstering at the age of 101, Ginny’s response was nothing short of definitive – Because she wants to! Who could argue with that?

source: Youtube/NEWS CENTER Maine

Despite her decades-long career on the lobster boats, Ginny has been fortunate to experience few injuries. Ironically, one of her most significant mishaps was not caused by a lobster but by a crab! While gathering a few crabs to gift her son-in-law, one feisty crustacean managed to give her a nip, resulting in seven stitches. With a hearty laugh, Ginny recounts the incident, joking that if there hadn’t been a bone in the way, the crab might have made a clean snip of her finger.

Yet, amid all her resilience and humor, Ginny harbors a genuine concern for Maine’s lobster population. Lobster fishing comprises a staggering 82% of the state’s commercial fishing industry. However, factors like offshore wind development, tidal changes, and overfishing threaten to disrupt this delicate balance. Each lobsterman must adhere to regulations, ensuring they only keep mature lobsters, allowing the younger ones to grow and sustain the population. Ginny knows the future of her beloved industry hangs in the balance.

But when will Ginny retire, you may wonder? With unwavering determination, she declares, “Only when I die.” Retirement is not a word in Ginny’s vocabulary. She possesses more vibrancy and vitality than people half her age. In fact, her indomitable spirit earned her the nickname “The Lobster Lady.” And, as if that weren’t enough, there’s even a boat named after her—a testament to her legendary status in the community.

As Ginny Oliver continues to defy expectations, one thing is certain: she embodies the timeless spirit of Maine’s lobstering heritage. With her unyielding passion for the sea, an unwavering dedication to her craft, and a heart as big as the ocean itself, Ginny proves that age is just a number. So, here’s to Ginny, the remarkable Lobster Lady who reminds us all that life’s adventures are meant to be savored, one lobster at a time.