3-Year-Old Uncovers a Treasure Valued at $4 Million on His First Metal Detecting Adventure

source: Youtube/nsotd3

In a remarkable stroke of luck, three-year-old James Hyatt embarked on his very first metal detecting adventure and stumbled upon a treasure of immense historical and financial value. Little did James and his father, Jason Hyatt, know that their outing in a field in Hockley, Essex would lead them to unearth a 500-year-old pendant believed to be worth a staggering $4 million.

Equipped with a metal detector, James eagerly set off on his treasure-hunting expedition. It didn’t take long before the device emitted a series of beeps, indicating the presence of something significant beneath the ground. Excited by the sound, James and his father began digging, soon revealing a flash of gold.

After carefully unearthing the find, they realized that it was no ordinary piece of gold. The exquisite pendant, measuring about an inch in length and composed of 73 percent gold, turned out to be a 16th-century reliquary. A reliquary is a container used to house religious relics, such as remains of religious figures or objects associated with them.

source: Facebook/Brann’s Linkpages & Medieval News

The intricately designed pendant featured an image initially believed to be that of the Virgin Mary but later identified as potentially depicting Saint Helena. The figure stood over a checkered floor, adorned with a halo of light and supporting a cross. Inscribed on the sides of the pendant were the names IASPAR, MELCIOR, and BALTASAR, associated with the Magi, also known as the wise men or the three kings who visited the infant Jesus.

Notably, the pendant’s back panel could be slid open, revealing a cavity to hold the relic. According to experts at The British Museum, this reliquary might have contained a piece of the true cross. Adding to its mystique, the pendant bore a heart-shaped incision on its back, accompanied by four eye-shaped symbols representing the five holy wounds of Jesus Christ, popular in medieval piety.

Dating back to the era of Henry VIII, the pendant was considered to have potentially been owned by a member of the royal family. Its rarity was underscored by the fact that only three other similar reliquaries are known to have survived.

Following the discovery, the pendant was declared a treasure trove, which meant it had to be sold to a museum. Jason Hyatt expressed his gratitude for the find and mentioned that any proceeds from the sale would be shared with the landowner. He further emphasized that the money obtained would be primarily allocated for the benefit of James and his siblings, highlighting the young boy’s excitement upon realizing he had discovered a true treasure.

This remarkable find has further solidified James’ reputation as someone with an uncanny knack for discovering valuable objects. According to his father, Jason, James seemingly possesses an innate luck that extends beyond the realm of treasure hunting, often finding unexpected items of value in the most ordinary places.

The story of James Hyatt’s metal detecting adventure shows how exciting it is to find old things and treasures. It shows us that even young kids can find special objects that teach us about the past and make us feel amazed. It’s like a fun adventure that helps us discover hidden history and incredible things.