5 Great Reasons To Let Your Dog Sleep In Bed With You

source: Flickr

Everyone has a different method of “pet parenting.” If it were up to my husband, our dog would sleep on the floor every night. But because I rule this house and believe that pets are part of the family, our dog sleeps in the bed. Although many people don’t believe that dogs should sleep in bed with their owners, there are actually multiple benefits of letting your furry friend do so!

1. Protection

Having your dog right next to you as you sleep offers an unparalleled sense of protection. If something were to happen in the night, you know that your dog will alert you of danger and keep you safe.

2. Comfort

There have been multiple studies that link sleeping with your dog to improving symptoms of insomnia. Dogs offer a great sense of comfort as you sleep, and having them right next to you can assist with falling and staying asleep.

3. Warmth

source: Bark Post

Is your house a little chilly in the winter months? Just cozy up next to your pup! Between their body temperature and soft fur, sleeping with your dog can give you the coziest sleep possible.

4. Combats Anxiety

Many people get dogs to help ease the symptoms of their anxiety. Just being close to your dog will help to relieve stress and anxiety, and can help you fall asleep more quickly.

5. Combats Depression

Studies have shown that when you cuddle and interact with a dog, your brain releases oxytocin, the chemical responsible for happy feelings and moods. If you suffer from depression or are having depressive thoughts, being close to your dog can help you to feel a bit better.