6 Awesome Benefits Of Not Wearing A Bra

source: Doctor NDTV / istockphoto.com

Sure, there are times when wearing a bra is probably a good idea. But there are also times when wearing a bra feels like the most uncomfortable, constricting thing in the world. If you love the feeling and freedom of not wearing a bra, it turns out there are actually many health benefits to doing so. Here they are!

1. Improves Circulation

Bras, especially ones with underwires, constrict muscles and can affect the function of nerves in the arms. This affects circulation, especially for women who wear a bra while sleeping.

2. Promotes Better Sleeps

This one’s not rocket science. When you have a clothing item that’s constricting you, you’re likely not going to have a very deep, comfortable sleep. Do away with the bra and opt for loose, breathable PJs instead.

3. Promotes Perkier Breasts

source: nypost.com

According to one study, constantly wearing a bra weakens the muscles that hold up breasts, which actually results in a greater likelihood of breasts sagging. In other words, not wearing a bra actually promotes perkier breasts.

4. Decreases The Risk Of Fungus And Rashes

Wearing an ill-fitting bra, especially to bed, increases the likelihood of bacteria buildup, which can result in breast funguses or rashes. Might as well skip the bra when you can!

5. Improves Breathing

source: Whimn

Even if your bra isn’t super tight, anything that’s even somewhat constricting to the chest will affect your breathing. For a greater flow of oxygen and less hindered breathing, toss the bra.

6. Promotes Comfort

In case it wasn’t already obvious, not wearing a bra all the time is simply way more comfortable. There’s nothing quite like the freeing feeling of not having something tight constricting the ladies. So when you can, do without your bra!