7 Signs Of An Emotionally Abusive Person

source: Huffington Post / Gettyimages

People who are emotionally abusive can come in all shapes and forms. They tend to appear charming at first, but this facade quickly makes way for a whole bunch of negative qualities. If you have any sort of relationship with an emotionally abusive person, you should consider cutting all ties with them before you get in too deep. Watch out for the following signs that someone you know is emotionally abusive.

source: Vixen Daily

1. They Pick On You

Someone who is emotionally abusive will find any excuse to pick on you. They will purposefully try to humiliate you, especially while in a group setting. If you bring it up, they’ll act like it was all in good fun or it was a joke.

2. They Have Constant Mood Swings

An emotionally abusive person may be in a great, chipper mood one second, only to become irritable, mean, or melancholy the next second. Emotionally abusive people don’t actually care about your feelings, yet they expect you to tiptoe around theirs.

3. Gaslighting

If you’ve never heard of gaslighting before, it’s a behavior common for emotionally abusive people. The abuser will attempt to make the victim feel as though something that happened didn’t, or vice versa. Their goal is to cloud your perception of reality so you ultimately start to doubt yourself.

4. Jealousy

Emotionally abusive people are often incredibly jealous. They expect you to focus your attention on them at all times, and become irrationally envious when you spend “too much” time with your friends, family, or anyone else.

5. Being Cold And Distant

An emotional abuser will often become cold, distant, and unaffectionate towards their victim if they feel as though they have been wronged. This subtly manipulates the victim into focusing their attention solely on the abuser and aiming to please them in the future.

6. Not Willing To Compromise

Someone who is emotionally abusive is only willing to look at certain situations with their own perspective and opinion. They are absolutely unwilling to compromise, and will stand firm that they are right and you (and everyone else) are wrong.

7. Argumentative

An emotionally abusive person is always armed and ready for an argument. They will pick fights over the smallest details, and will never back down, even when it’s clear to everyone else that they’re in the wrong.

Staying in any sort of relationship with an emotionally abusive person will only make you increasingly unhappy. Their goal is to isolate you from everyone else so that you feel as though they are your only option, and if you leave them, you’ll be alone. You are never alone, and completely cutting ties with someone who is emotionally abusive is the only way to move forward.