Ancient Palm Reading Suggests Having An ‘M’ On Your Palm May Mean You Possess Unique Qualities


Palm reading is an ancient practice dating back centuries. Many people believe that the lines on our palms reveal pertinent information about our personalities. Although you may know what some of the lines translate to, have you ever heard about what the letter “M” is said to mean? Take a look at the inside of your hand, and see whether or not you have this “M” on your palm.

Not everyone will have this makeup of lines, but if you do, you possess a few unique qualities that others do not. According to many, having this “M” means that you are extremely honest, driven, and intuitive. The strongest of these qualities is intuition, and it’s said that people with this “M” have a sort of sixth sense. They immediately know when they are being lied to, and are able to sense important aspects of the future that others are not. It is said that women with this “M” are slightly more intuitive than their male counterparts who possess it.

source: LonerWolf

People who have this “M” are extremely brave, vivacious, and are often able to connect with others on a far deeper level. They are quite confident, and don’t let anything stand in the way of achieving their goals. Although these people are open to connection with others, they are guarded when their intuition warns them of someone with untrustworthy intentions.

If you have this “M” on your palm, consider yourself fortunate. You possess many unique qualities that set you apart from the crowd, and they will benefit your life as it unfolds. Remember to trust your intuition, for it never lies.