UNO Confirms You’ve Been Playing The Game Wrong Your Entire Life

source: Delish/Mattel

Although I’m not a big UNO player myself, I have played the game multiple times. And I know that for some families, UNO is always the first game played during a family game night. I’m willing to bet you’ve played UNO at least once in your life. And for all you seasoned UNO players out there, I’m about to disclose a piece of information that will probably have you saying you’ve been playing UNO wrong for your entire life.

One tweet released by UNO says it all:

That’s right – this revolutionary and (I guess) little-known rule can completely throw off a winning streak. Of course, people weren’t super receptive to this news. Even the official Foot Locker Twitter account had something to say.

Strong feelings were revealed by many.

Well, what do you think? If you consider yourself a seasoned UNO player, did you know this information and play accordingly, or is this completely new news to you? I think I’ll stick with Scrabble – no need to rock the boat on this one.