9 Benefits Of Waking Up Early Every Morning

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Ever since I can remember, I have always been an early bird. Although I’m not great at staying up late, waking up at an early hour is part of my routine, and I love it. If you can’t fathom the idea of waking up early, here are nine reasons why you should start!

1. Peace And Quiet

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When you wake up early, there is an indescribable feeling of peace. There are no kids crying, no traffic sounds, and no other disturbances. Starting your morning with a sense of peace and quiet better prepares you to tackle the coming day.

2. Productivity

There have been many studies linking increased productivity to waking up early. When you get a head start on your day, you feel better equipped to get work and other tasks done.

3. Better Sleeps

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This one is pretty much a no brainer. When you wake up early, your body is more in tune with the earth’s natural cycles. Because of this, getting into an effective sleep routine is far easier.

4. Exercise

How many of us make plans to hit the gym after work, but are simply too tired when the time comes? Waking up early gives you the perfect opportunity to exercise before starting your day. It will also give you more energy, too!

5. Breakfast

When you wake up later and have to rush out the door, chances are you’re not giving yourself enough time to have a decent breakfast. Waking up early and eating a healthy, well-balanced breakfast every day will fuel your body, give you energy, and boost your metabolism.

6. Commute

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If you wake up early and get to leave the house a little earlier, you’ll make it into work before the morning rush hour traffic starts. And as we all know, getting stuck in traffic is never a good way to start your day!

7. Planning

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Waking up early every morning is an excellent way to plan out your goals for that day, and determine how you will meet them. You can sit down, glance at your planner, and be well aware of everything that needs to get done that week.

8. Better Mental Health

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A study conducted by researchers at Binghamton University discovered that people who sleep for short amounts of time and go to bed late at night are more overwhelmed with negative thoughts than those who keep to more regular sleeping hours. Moral of the story? Go to bed early, and wake up early!

9. Fresh Look

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Chances are, if you go to sleep late and drag yourself out of bed at the last possible second, that tiredness is going to show on your face. If you go to bed early, get a good night’s sleep, and wake up early, you’re probably not going to have dark circles under your eyes.