Blacknose Sheep Look Like Live Stuffed Animals, And I Think I Need One

source: For The Win – USA Today

There are a whole lot of cute animals in the world. Besides the obvious like dogs and cats, we have pandas, koalas, hedgehogs, bunnies, and many, many more. However, there’s one sickeningly cute animal breed that many people have never heard of – and that’s the blacknose sheep. The blacknose sheep is truly one of the cutest animals I have ever laid eyes on, and I think you’ll agree. Let’s take a look, shall we?!

source: Hobby Farms via Teton Valais Blacknose Sheep Co./Facebook

The Valais blacknose sheep originated in the Valais region of Switzerland, and they honestly look like live stuffed animals. They are super fluffy, have black faces and black leg patches, and have adorably floppy ears.

source: Design You Trust

What’s even more adorable is that this breed of sheep is described as having a dog-like temperament. They are extremely friendly, gentle, and very social with humans.

source: NTD via Matt Cardy/Getty Images

So, why don’t we see more of the blacknose sheep, given how cute they are? Well, there is currently an established breeding program in New Zealand, with plans to expand breeding programs into the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.

source: Baabuk

So, if you have a bit of land and are looking to add one of these adorably fluffy friends to your pet family, there might be a breeder available near you in the near future!

source: PetWorlds

H/t For The Win – USA Today. Thanks for the great information, guys!