Brother Dives into the Water to Save His Sister from 9-Foot Shark’s Grip

source: Youtube/Good Morning America

In a heart-stopping incident, a young man’s quick thinking saved his sister from a near-death experience. Seventeen-year-old Addison Bethea was enjoying a day of scalloping on the Keaton Beach shore in Florida when an unexpected and unwelcome visitor decided to join her.

According to Addison, It happened very fast. A sudden sensation gripped her leg, immediately alerting her that something was amiss. As she glanced downwards, a colossal shark came into view. Luckily, Addison’s memory served her well as she recalled information about shark attacks from an episode of Animal Planet. She knew that punching the shark’s nose was a crucial defensive tactic. Unfortunately, she found herself in a position where she couldn’t reach the shark’s vulnerable spot.

Source: Youtube/Good Morning America

Despite feeling hopeless, Addison summoned all her courage and fought back against the relentless predator. She attempted to free her legs with her bare hands, determined to escape the clutches of the ferocious creature.

In a horrifying scene, the water turned crimson as the struggle intensified. Recognizing the danger his sister was in, Addison’s older brother, Rhett Willingham, sprang into action. When Addison resurfaced, she was covered in blood and Rhett saw the shark.

Addison Bethea, 17, of Perry, Fla., shown here with her brother, is recovering at TMH following a shark attack on…

Posted by Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare – TMH on Friday, July 1, 2022

Without hesitation, Rhett dove into the water and reached his sister. With incredible bravery, he fought against the shark, relentlessly beating and kicking it. Eventually, the shark released Addison, and Rhett swiftly pulled her to safety. He placed her on a nearby stranger’s boat, desperately seeking help.

Rhett, 22, was well-prepared for emergency situations due to his training as a Taylor County emergency medical technician and firefighter. With the immediate threat subsided, he fashioned a makeshift tourniquet using the boat’s rope, tightly wrapping it around Addison’s upper right leg to control the bleeding.

Addison was immediately airlifted to the closest hospital, her condition listed as critical. Due to the severity of her injuries, the young victim of the shark attack required emergency surgery. “The shark completely devastated her right leg, obliterating the front quad muscle,” shared Addison’s father, Shane Bethea. “It was a horrifying and gruesome wound. The vascular surgeon used the vein from her left leg to create an artery in her right leg to restore blood flow.” Despite the traumatic ordeal, the family expressed gratitude for Addison’s survival. The shark, estimated to be a colossal nine-foot-long bull shark, had inflicted considerable damage.

Source: Youtube/Good Morning America

This incident occurred just days after residents reported sightings of sharks in the same area. Furthermore, similar attacks had taken place in the Florida Keys and California within a short span of time. In light of Addison’s case, authorities issued warnings to swimmers and scallopers in the region, urging them to remain vigilant and exercise caution.

Quick thinking is an invaluable asset when faced with life-threatening situations. Addison’s story shows us the importance of remaining calm and utilizing available knowledge to survive and protect others in times of danger.