Bunnies Mistake Golden Retriever as Mom and Snuggle Up to Her for Protection

source: Youtube/This is Bailey

If there’s something absolutely adorable, it’s when one animal species takes on the role of a mother to another species. These heartwarming moments have become quite popular on the internet and we cannot get enough of them!

We saw a captivating video online, revealing what happens when tiny bunnies discover a new caregiver. Surprisingly, it’s not another bunny but a beautiful Golden Retriever named Bailey who assumes this role. And she does it with utmost naturalness.

source: Youtube/This is Bailey

Bailey, the Golden Retriever, is undeniably one of the most stunning dogs you’ll ever see. Her fur boasts the classic golden hue, soft and smooth to the touch. But it’s her irresistibly cute face that truly steals the show. Her temperament matches her looks.

Golden Retriever puppies are known for their gentle and sweet nature, complementing their gorgeous coats. Bailey encompasses all those qualities and more. This particular dog possesses immense patience and an unwavering desire to shower others with love—especially when it involves a group of bunnies. She’s their “mom.”

source: Youtube/This is Bailey

Bailey doesn’t just take care of one or two little bunnies; she takes on the responsibility of 22. In the eyes of these adorable creatures, Bailey is their mother, a role she wholeheartedly embraces. She exhibits extraordinary care for these tiny beings, remaining calm and composed throughout.

Many dogs would feel uneasy or overwhelmed if other animals climbed all over them. But not Bailey. She lies down, and the bunnies effortlessly hop onto her, finding a cozy nesting spot within her fur. They can’t get enough of her warmth and companionship.

source: Youtube/This is Bailey

The moment Bailey’s owner places the bunnies on the floor, they instinctively gravitate toward her. It’s as if they sense that this furry companion genuinely cares for them, providing a sense of security. They feel safe in her presence, and as a result, they rarely leave her side.

Sometimes, the bunnies playfully frolic around Bailey, while other times, they simply snuggle up next to her for a peaceful nap. The activity doesn’t matter to them as long as they can remain close to their surrogate mother. Bailey’s owners are not surprised by her extraordinary nurturing instincts.

source: Youtube/This is Bailey

Bailey has always possessed a sweet disposition, which is why her adoptive role as the bunnies’ mom doesn’t come as a shock. She handles them with care, sniffing, cuddling, and even mimicking the cleaning behavior of a real bunny mom. It’s heartwarming to witness.

Since the video capturing Bailey and her bunny babies surfaced online, it has taken the internet by storm. Millions of people have been enchanted by their heartwarming interactions. One commenter couldn’t contain their excitement: “I’m waiting for the moment when the little bunnies start barking! I laughed so hard when one bunny jumped over Bailey’s back! Soooooo cute! 🐶”

That’s right. In addition to her role as a mom to the 22 bunnies, Bailey also has a soft spot for her owner’s pet parakeet. The video showcases the bird hopping into the frame, making itself at home among the rest. It’s an absolute delight to witness such harmonious coexistence.