Burglar Breaks Into 79-Year-Old’s Home But He Picked the Wrong Person to Mess With

source: Youtube/11Alive

Burglars often become more confident with each successful break-in, but they fail to consider the day they’ll pick the wrong target. This remarkable story revolves around Gwendolyn Agard, a 79-year-old grandmother from Jackson County, who fearlessly confronted a 20-year-old intruder who underestimated her. Armed with firearms and an unyielding spirit, Grandma Gwendolyn proved that age and vulnerability are no match for determination and self-defense.

A young intruder wielding a rubber mallet broke into Gwendolyn’s home, leaving her with no one nearby to seek immediate help. Despite the audible fear in her voice when she called 911, Gwendolyn refused to succumb to fear. She never stood still when danger appeared. This remarkable woman had prepared for such a situation by keeping firearms in her home, namely a .38 and a .45 caliber pistol.

source: Youtube/11Alive

Unafraid to express her intentions, Gwendolyn shouted a profanity-laced threat just moments before the intruder entered her home. She left an impact that the intruder couldn’t ignore.

To add to the bizarre nature of the incident, the intruder was naked, lacking even a pair of pants, as confirmed by Gwendolyn herself. Such audacity was bold, but little did he know the danger he was about to face.

source: Youtube/11Alive

Gwendolyn fired a warning shot from her .38 revolver, hoping it would be enough to scare the intruder away. However, he remained undeterred and proceeded upstairs to ransack her belongings. Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, Gwendolyn readied her .45 revolver and dialed 911, urging them to hurry. Despite her fear, she proved that even the most vulnerable can be fiercely capable when protecting what they hold dear.

source: Youtube/11Alive

As the intruder attempted to descend the stairs, Gwendolyn fired a shot from her .45 pistol. It was in that moment that he finally grasped the gravity of the situation. Grandma Gwendolyn was not someone to be trifled with or taken lightly.

After hearing the gunshot, the intruder exclaimed, “Are you trying to kill me?” to which Gwendolyn confidently responded, “Oh, you finally got the message!” The standoff continued for ten more minutes, with Gwendolyn warning him that she had a clear view of his actions. Realizing the danger he was in, the intruder eventually sought refuge in an upstairs closet. Thankfully, the authorities arrived, and the naked intruder was apprehended.

One might wonder how a 79-year-old woman could possess such bravery and willingness to fight back. Gwendolyn revealed that her motivation came from her strong desire to protect her children. Her remarkable determination and love for her family fueled her heroic actions.

Gwendolyn Agard, a courageous grandmother, demonstrated that preparation, confidence, and unwavering determination can triumph over adversity. Her story is an inspiration to all, reminding us that bravery knows no age limit and that the will to protect those we love can empower us to face any challenge.