Clerk Teaches Man a Lesson for Refusing to Put Out Cigarette at Gas Station

source: Youtube/Caters Clips

One of the most basic and clear rules that almost everyone knows is “No smoking at a gas station.” However, despite the widespread understanding, there are still a few individuals who foolishly disregard this rule, endangering everyone nearby. Unfortunately, such a situation occurred one evening at a group of gas pumps.

It’s quite evident that lighting a cigarette while being surrounded by highly flammable gases and liquids isn’t a very wise decision, right? Even a small bit of ash or a tiny spark could easily ignite the fuel or volatile fumes in the vicinity, transforming the entire area into a fiery inferno. It’s not a complex concept to grasp, and that’s why virtually every gas station worldwide displays multiple “No Smoking” signs throughout their premises.

Take, for instance, this video capturing an incident at a gas station in Sofia, Bulgaria. This footage shows us that some people still choose to ignore common sense and endanger themselves and others.

The video begins with two cars pulling up at a Gazprom gas station. As the scene unfolds, a young man sporting a white T-shirt and a baseball hat steps out of one of the vehicles, his cigarette still firmly held between his fingers. Seemingly engaged in a heated disagreement off-camera, the young smoker pays no heed to the “No Smoking” signs conspicuously displayed throughout the station. Meanwhile, on the left side of the frame, another customer begins filling up his car, wisely hoping to avoid any potential escalation.

However, the gas station’s vigilant employee, who had repeatedly requested the smoker to extinguish his cigarette, decides to take matters into his own hands. Armed with a fire extinguisher, he confidently strides toward the smoker’s car, swiftly placing the extinguisher behind it. And then, in a glorious moment of justice, the employee lets loose! The smoker and his car are enveloped in a thick cloud of white mist, courtesy of the fire extinguisher’s powerful blast.

source: Youtube/Caters Clips

The sheer magnitude of the spray is so immense that the car becomes nearly invisible in the camera feed. While modern gas stations have implemented safety measures to minimize the risk of fire or explosions, it is both foolish and illegal to smoke in such hazardous environments. One can only hope that this incident served as a wake-up call for the young man, making it the last time he ever lit up a cigarette near a gas pump.

The video capturing this unforgettable scene has been widely shared, delighting viewers with a sweet dose of karma. Some rules are meant to be followed for the well-being and safety of everyone involved. So, next time you find yourself at a gas station, remember this cautionary tale and resist the temptation to light up a cigarette.