Clever Dog Observes Students Using Money to Purchase Food, And Tries to Do the Same with Leaves


Dogs never cease to amaze us with their intelligence and ability to adapt to human behavior. Dogs always impress us with how smart they are and how well they understand us. We often underestimate their intelligence.

Take this black Labrador in Colombia, for example. He resides on the campus of the Diversified Technical Education Institute Monterrey Casanare, where he serves as both a guardian for the students and a beloved mascot. Although he doesn’t have a specific owner, he is well taken care of by the school’s faculty and students, receiving food, shelter, and plenty of affection.

Over time, the dog observed the students going to the campus store and exchanging money for food. Intrigued by this transactional behavior, he decided to take matters into his own paws. With a mischievous wag of his tail, he managed to snag a leaf from a nearby tree, its vibrant green color resembling a dollar bill. Proudly carrying his leaf “currency,” he made his way to the store’s counter.


Amused and impressed by his cleverness, the store attendant, Gladys Barreto, accepted his leaf as payment for cookies. This soon became a daily routine for the intelligent Labrador. “He comes for cookies every day,” Gladys told The Dodo. “He always pays with a leaf. It is his daily purchase.” 

Of course, the store employees ensure that Labrador’s appetite and leaf-based economy remain in balance. They limit the number of cookies he can acquire, preventing him from depleting all the nearby trees in his quest for treats. After all, they wouldn’t want him to become too greedy or gain too much weight. It’s a careful balance of indulging his cleverness while also being mindful of his well-being.

This Labrador’s story is just one example of the surprising intelligence displayed by dogs. As they spend more time in our presence, they continue to learn from us and adapt to our behavior. Who would have thought that a dog could grasp the concept of using a leaf as a form of money? It goes to show that learning is not exclusive to humans in educational settings like colleges and campuses.

So the next time you encounter a furry friend, remember that they may be observing and learning from you more than you realize. Dogs like our cute Labrador remind us that intelligence can be found in unexpected places, and our four-legged companions never cease to surprise us with their abilities and cleverness.