College Wrestler is Attacked by Grizzly Bear, His Teammate Bravely Fights the Bear to Save His Friend

source: Youtube/KSL News

In a very scary incident, two college wrestlers and their friends had a life-or-death situation while hunting for antlers. They were from Northwest College in Wyoming. The incident shows how dangerous nature can be, even in peaceful places.

One of the wrestlers, Brady Lowry, first noticed the bear tracks on the ground when they were going back to their car. He was scared and quickly told his friend Kendell Cummings. Suddenly, a huge grizzly bear came out of the woods and charged towards them very fast. Lowry tried to warn his friend, but the bear attacked him, and he fell about five feet down a small ledge.

source: Youtube/KSL News

Lowry explained that the bear attacked him fiercely, biting his left arm and causing a bad break. Cummings didn’t want to leave his friend alone with the dangerous bear, so he bravely tried to distract it. He shouted and threw things at the bear, hoping to make it go away. But nothing worked. With no other choice, Cummings made a brave decision. He jumped at the bear, trying to pull it away from his injured friend.

The bear got angry with Cummings and started attacking him instead. It bit him and hurt him badly. Lowry took the chance to call for help. He managed to find their other two friends who got separated from them during the hike.

source: Youtube/KSL News

Together, the friends went back to find Cummings in the dangerous area. It was both heartbreaking and inspiring when they found him. Cummings was injured and covered in blood, but he still managed to walk down the mountain. He showed incredible strength and determination despite his injuries. Lowry felt relieved and proud of his friend’s courage. He encouraged Cummings and urged them all to leave the dangerous place as soon as possible.

The injured wrestlers were taken to a hospital in Montana to get treatment for their wounds. Throughout this terrifying experience, their friendship and teamwork were incredibly important. Lowry said that wrestlers have a strong bond because they face tough situations together and support each other no matter what.

Although Cummings had the worst injuries, he is thankful for his friends’ bravery. He knows that their unity saved their lives. This scary experience has made them even stronger and closer as friends.

Local authorities have confirmed the bear attack and warned the community about the presence of several bears in the area. The bears often go through the fields and slopes nearby.

The story of these college wrestlers and their brave fight against a grizzly bear grabs our attention. It shows how fragile and strong humans can be. It also reminds us of the importance of shared experiences and strong bonds. These courageous young men inspire us to appreciate life and the power of friendship in difficult times.