Community Unites to Rescue Injured Owl But They Realize That He’s “Famous”

source: Facebook/Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter

Owls, those captivating creatures of the night, have always intrigued people with their enigmatic presence. While some may find them mysterious or creepy, there’s no denying the undeniable charm they exude. These majestic birds possess an array of physical traits that make them truly lovable. From their mesmerizing, attention-grabbing eyes to their exquisite wings, feathers, and even their beaks, owls are a sight to behold.

One individual who understands the allure of owls all too well is Laura Burban, the director of Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter. Laura has always held a deep fascination for these beautiful birds and had longed to experience their magnificence up close. So when an owl was spotted in the middle of a busy street, Laura didn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand.

The owl, unfortunately, was in a dire state. Refusing to budge from the road, it was clear that this creature needed immediate assistance. Concerned residents of Branford, Connecticut rallied together, knowing they had to do something to save this precious creature. They promptly contacted the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter, where Laura wasted no time in springing into action.

source: Facebook/Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter

Approaching the injured owl, Laura observed the frailty of its condition. She suspected that the poor fella might have been hit by a car, as its wing appeared bruised. With her heart filled with determination, Laura devised a plan to safely remove the owl from harm’s way. Employing a gentle approach, she carefully covered its head with a towel, ensuring it wouldn’t be stressed during the rescue mission.

Despite the challenges she faced during her first owl rescue, Laura succeeded in safely wrapping the owl in the towel. With the fragile creature cradled in her arms, she swiftly transported it to A Place Called Hope, a bird rehab center. There, the true extent of the owl’s injuries was revealed—a fractured wrist. However, hope was not lost, thanks to the tireless efforts of Laura and the dedicated staff at the rehab center.

Little did they know that this owl held a special place in the hearts of the neighborhood. Jamie Cosgrove, the town’s First Selectman, shared that the owl was a beloved figure in the community. Referred to as “the mayor of the neighborhood,” this feathered friend had left a lasting impact on everyone’s lives.

source: Facebook/Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter

Weeks passed, and with each passing day, the owl made a remarkable recovery under the care of the bird rehab center. The entire neighborhood eagerly awaited updates on its progress. Finally, the day came when the owl was deemed fit to return home—a moment of pure joy for the community.

In a heartwarming gesture, Jamie Cosgrove, the First Selectman himself, had the honor of setting the owl free from its kennel. The release of this cherished bird marked a symbol of love and care triumphing over adversity. 

As the owl soared into the night sky, a renewed sense of hope filled the hearts of all who had been a part of its rescue and recovery. While the owl received essential medical attention, it was the unwavering love and support from Laura, the neighborhood, and the bird rehab center that played an integral role in its swift recuperation.

Yesterday was a very exciting day for me! I’ve worked at the shelter for 15 years and never have helped on an Owl call !…

Posted by Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter on Tuesday, December 6, 2022

With the owl now back where it belongs, nestled within its loving neighborhood, the community eagerly looks forward to many more years of sharing their lives with this remarkable creature. For this owl, it has found not only a safe haven but a place it can truly call home.

This heartwarming tale reminds us that beauty, compassion, and a sense of togetherness can make a profound difference in the lives of those in need. So let us cherish the unique outlooks we have on these fascinating creatures, for it is through such stories that we uncover the magic that lies within our communities.