Deaf And Blind Dog Finally Finds Love In Slow Dancing With Her New Mom

source: Facebook/Julie Elrod

Beanie, an 11-year-old senior dog, had never experienced love or affection before being rescued by Julie Elrod. The deaf and blind pup was found abandoned and emaciated, and it was clear that she had never known a kind touch or a warm bed. But everything changed when Julie took Beanie home and slow danced with her, communicating with her through touch.

When Julie first saw Beanie at the animal shelter, she was immediately drawn to the small dog’s quiet demeanor and gentle eyes. Despite her age and her disabilities, Julie knew that she had to give Beanie a chance at a happy life.

Beanie was hesitant at first, as she had never been shown love or attention before. She didn’t eat for several days and seemed unsure of her new surroundings. But Julie was patient, and she knew that it would take time for Beanie to trust her.

source: Facebook/Julie Elrod

One day, while playing some music, Julie was swaying along with the rhythm. She took the opportunity to gently hold the dog and slow dance with her, communicating through touch.

To Julie’s surprise, Beanie relaxed into her embrace, and the two began to sway together in a slow dance. Julie was amazed at how much trust Beanie had placed in her, and how much love she seemed to be showing.

From that moment on, Julie and Beanie were inseparable. Julie learned to communicate with Beanie through touch, using gentle pats and rubs to let her know that she was loved. Beanie responded by becoming more and more affectionate, cuddling up with Julie whenever she could and even wagging her tail for the first time.

source: Facebook/Julie Elrod

Julie was amazed at how much Beanie had changed since she first brought her home. The dog who had been so scared and withdrawn was now outgoing and playful, enjoying walks and playtime with Julie.

But it was their slow dances that truly cemented their bond. Julie and Beanie would dance together every night, swaying to music and communicating through touch. Julie learned to read Beanie’s body language, knowing when she was happy or sad, and responding with the appropriate touch.

The slow dances became a ritual for Julie and Beanie, a way for them to connect on a deeper level. Julie was grateful for the chance to show Beanie what it meant to be loved and cared for, and Beanie was grateful for the chance to finally experience the warmth and affection that had been missing from her life for so long.

source: Facebook/Julie Elrod

“I love her so unconditionally and infinitely. Beanie is my soulmate dog, and I thank God for every second I have with her. No amount of time I have with her will ever be enough.” – said Julie.

She knew that she gave Beanie the best possible life, filled with love and happiness. And she took comfort in the fact that they shared so many beautiful moments together, including their slow dances.

Beanie may have been deaf and blind, but she had an incredible ability to sense Julie’s love and affection through touch. And in their slow dances, Julie and Beanie found a way to connect that went beyond words or gestures. It was a dance of love, a dance of trust, and a dance of pure joy.

You can watch Beanie playing around on Julie’s Tiktok.