Devastated Woman Files for Divorce after Husband Gives Her Cat Away

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A woman in the United States has recently announced her decision to file for divorce after her husband gave her beloved cat away without her consent. The wife turned to Reddit for advice, seeking validation for her feelings of betrayal and anger.

The woman explained in her post that she had adopted a kitten named Benji two years ago as a way to cope with the loss of her father. She described how she had felt a void in her life and decided to fill it with the companionship of a furry friend. However, her connection with Benji went beyond a typical pet-owner relationship. She believed that Benji was the reincarnation of her late father and that he carried her father’s soul within him. This belief brought her comfort and solace, even though she acknowledged that some might find it unusual.

Unfortunately, her husband began to feel uncomfortable with her strong bond with the cat. He expressed his concerns about the attachment she had developed and labeled it as “strange and unhealthy.” Despite this, the woman continued to cherish her feline companion, viewing him as a source of support and love.

During a trip to celebrate her mother’s birthday, the woman’s husband took advantage of her absence to give Benji away. When she returned home, she discovered that her beloved cat was missing and initially assumed he had somehow escaped outside. It was only when her husband confessed that he had given Benji to a friend that the truth came to light.

Devastated and confused, the woman tried to reason with her husband’s coworker. It turned out that the coworker had no idea what she was talking about. She realized that her husband had even lied about that. The husband then told her that he had actually taken the cat to a local animal shelter. 

With a mix of anger and determination, the woman tracked down the local animal shelter where her husband had actually taken Benji. She was relieved to retrieve her cat, armed with the necessary documents and proof of ownership. Seeking support from her sister, who had gone through a divorce herself, the woman decided to file for divorce.

As news of her story spread on Reddit, the majority of users supported the woman’s decision to end her marriage. They recognized the husband’s actions as inexcusable and questioned his motivations. Many expressed their satisfaction that she was taking steps to protect herself and her cherished cat. The woman chose to prioritize her own emotional well-being and the safety of her feline companion. She took a brave step toward a new chapter in her life, one that prioritizes mutual understanding and respect. But there were some people who said that they would never end their marriage over a pet. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the woman did the right thing?