Folklore Says The Way You Make A Fist Can Reveal Things About Your Personality

source: Positive Med

When you make a fist, it’s probably something that you never really give much thought to. Making a fist is more or less a natural movement for most people, but did you know that you probably don’t make a fist the same way as the next person? People make different styles of fists based on their personality types, so looking at the way in which you make a fist can reveal specific things about your life and personality. Make a fist, then consult the photo below to match up with your description.

1. Thumb On Top Of Fingers

If you make a fist with your thumb sitting on top of your fingers, you have an exuberant personality and are extremely curious by nature. You are sensitive, especially towards others, and crave close relationships with a lot of support and attention. You sometimes have difficulty expressing your emotions, and this can negatively impact romantic relationships due to the disconnect.

2. Thumb Tucked In Front Of Fingers

If you make a fist with your thumb sitting horizontally across your fingers, you are sociable, confident, and well spoken. Your strong, secure image attracts those around you, and they look up to you for your motivation and success. Although you present this demeanor and often truly feel it, you have a tendency to become insecure in romantic relationships. In order for these relationships to succeed, you need to let go of the things weighing you down.

3. Thumb Tucked Inside Of Fingers

If you make a fist with your thumb tucked inside your fingers, you are soft-spoken, warm, and generous. You are a homebody and prefer to have a few close, intimate friendships rather than a large circle of acquaintances. You are imaginative and artsy, and sometimes appear shy and insecure to others. Because of your gentle nature, you have a tendency to let people walk all over you. Learning to stand up for yourself is a journey, but it’s one you should embark upon.