Folklore Suggests There’s A Link Between Toe Shape And Personality Traits

source: Newsner

You’ve heard about the ancient practice of palm reading, but did you know that your toes can actually reveal interesting details about your life and personality? It may sound silly, but everyone has a different toe formation that explains key personality traits about them. Take a look at your foot, compare it to this diagram, and see which letter your toes fall under.

source: YMI

source: Newsner

Type A

If your big toe and the two beside it are all about the same length with your last two toes being shorter, you are a natural leader who cares a lot about success. You have goals in your personal life as well as in your career, and you will do anything to achieve them. Your confidence and sociability naturally attracts people towards you, and you love to be in the center of things.

Type B

If your toes are more or less all the same length, you are practical, responsible, and reserved. You make calculated decisions, and your lack of impulsiveness always seems to pay off. Because of your calm, rational nature, people turn to you for guidance and support. You are an excellent friend and would do anything to help those in need.

Type C

If your middle toe is slightly longer than your big toe, you are a passionate, creative person who has a difficult time sitting still. Your positive and enthusiastic attitude makes you the life of the party, and people are always dying to get to know you better. Although you can be quite stubborn, you know who you are and find value in staying true to yourself.

Type D

If your big toe is the longest with each coinciding toe slightly shorter than the one beside it, you are a very unique soul who thinks differently than the average person. You tend to live inside your head, but this makes you see the world in a different light. People may find you closed off and cold initially, but it’s just because it takes you longer to be able to trust people.