Mother-in-Law Wants to Plan the Wedding and Have Full Control Over It

source: Pexels

Weddings are incredibly exciting. The anticipation, the preparations, and all the details that go into making that special day just perfect. But, as any bride or groom will tell you, it can also be a whirlwind of chaos. From guest lists to dresses, flowers, food, and music, there’s so much to consider. I recently stumbled upon a fascinating story on Reddit that perfectly encapsulates the rollercoaster that planning a wedding can be.

In this particular tale, a bride and her mother-in-law have found themselves in a heated battle over who gets to plan the wedding. And let me tell you, it has sparked a lively debate on the internet. The mother-in-law, it seems, is eager to seize full control, leaving the bride feeling like a mere spectator in her own wedding planning journey.

The bride, who took to Reddit to share her predicament, paints a vivid picture of her future mother-in-law’s controlling tendencies. She explains, “My fiancé’s mum is extremely controlling. She has been taking various pictures of him throughout his life and has almost documented every second of his existence. Up until he was 17, she would choose what clothes he wore, and made all decisions for him, and refused to let him choose by himself.”

The mother-in-law’s plan to dictate the wedding isn’t a recent development, as the bride further reveals, “She told him multiple times as a teen that she would be planning his wedding and that whoever he found would ‘just have to be fine with that.'” But this bride is anything but a pushover. She’s determined to have her say in the most important day of her life, saying, “Well, I’m not. For a while now, I’ve been wanting to plan my wedding. Like any normal bride would.”

source: Pexels

When the bride took a stand and firmly told her mother-in-law “no” to the idea of full control, it didn’t go down well. The mother-in-law accused her of not letting her “live out her dream.” Tensions escalated further when the bride made it clear that she didn’t want anyone except the professional photographer to take pictures at the wedding. This restriction also led to heated arguments.

The bride even contemplated taking a drastic step, revealing, “At this point, I’m considering telling her that if she can’t accept my wedding for how it is, then she doesn’t need to attend.” It’s a bold move, but one that reflects the bride’s determination to have her wedding her way.

As I read through this story on Reddit, it became evident that the debate was fierce, with a clear divide in opinion. Most people were firmly on the bride’s side, applauding her for standing her ground and wanting her wedding to reflect her vision. After all, it’s her big day, and she should have the final say, right?

However, there were also those who tried to imagine the situation from the mother-in-law’s perspective. They pointed out that she might have had dreams of planning her son’s wedding for years and might feel disappointed if those dreams were dashed.

Now, I want to turn it over to you, dear readers. What do you think about this situation? Whose side are you on, and how do you think this bride should navigate this tricky family dynamic? Share your thoughts and join the debate – weddings are meant to be a joyous occasion, but sometimes, planning them can get quite complicated!