Grandson Dedicates All His Time to His Grandmother Preventing the Family from Placing Her in a Care Home

source: Youtube/ChrisPunsalanTV

If you’re a fan of TikTok videos, chances are you’ve come across the captivating content of Chris Punsalan. This talented individual has amassed an impressive following of 1.9 million users. However, his videos stand out from the typical funny clips, food vlogs, or dance routines that populate the platform.

Chris’ videos revolve around a very special person in his life—his beloved grandmother, whom he affectionately refers to as “Lola.” With heartwarming sincerity, he captures the beauty, adorableness, and sweetness of their everyday interactions. But Chris is more than just a content creator and musician; he is also a full-time caregiver for his grandmother.

source: Youtube/ChrisPunsalanTV

Originally from Tarlac, a province in the Philippines, Chris and his family relocated to Henderson, Nevada, in the United States. Accompanying them on this journey was Lola, who had spent over two decades as an elementary school teacher back in the Philippines. In their TikTok videos, Chris and his grandmother converse in the “Kapampangan” dialect, adding a unique cultural touch to their content.

In 2015, when his grandmother was 88 years old, Chris and his family faced a difficult decision: whether to hire a full-time caregiver or bring Lola to a home for the elderly. Chris knew where he stood. To him, Lola was not just a grandmother; she was his “Apu” (the Kapampangan version of grandma). He couldn’t bear the thought of sending her away or having her live with a stranger. So, he made the courageous choice to become her caretaker himself.

source: Youtube/ChrisPunsalanTV

Devoting his entire life to Lola’s well-being, Chris recognized the immense responsibility that lay before him. He knew it would require his unwavering attention, love, and patience, but he was prepared to go the extra mile for his cherished grandmother.

Chris began sharing photos of his grandma in 2014 and started vlogging in 2019. However, it was when he started uploading clips of their daily lives that people truly witnessed the extraordinary bond they shared. Caring for his grandmother wasn’t always easy—it demanded great attention and patience—but Chris embraced the challenges with open arms.

His gentle, soft-spoken grandmother often reaches for her rosary and expresses her gratitude to Chris for taking care of her. Chris documents every aspect of their daily routine in their vlogs, from making sure Lola’s bed is perfectly comfortable with carefully placed pillows, to reminding her to stay hydrated and constantly assuring her of his love. He also tackles more substantial tasks, such as preparing for bath time, explaining the outside world to her, and even handling diaper changes.

In a recent interview on a Philippine channel, Chris shared that there are moments when reality sets in, and he feels a sense of fear. Lola’s memory has become increasingly fragile, and there are times when she struggles to remember who he is or how they are related. It’s a bittersweet experience for the young man, but it serves as a reminder to treasure every precious moment spent with loved ones.

source: Youtube/ChrisPunsalanTV

Chris consistently goes above and beyond to ensure Lola’s contentment. He attends to her every need, demonstrating unwavering love and care. His devotion to his grandmother serves as an inspiring example for everyone to cherish their loved ones and treat them with utmost respect and kindness while they are still able to do so.

Chris Punsalan’s TikTok videos have captivated millions around the world, not just because of their entertaining content but also because of the beautiful relationship he shares with his grandmother. Through his genuine and heartfelt caregiving, Chris reminds us all of the value of family bonds and the importance of creating lasting memories with our loved ones.