Gynaecologists Are Advising Women To Avoid Shaving Their Bikini Lines

source: Greatist

For many women, the quest to remove and tame unwanted body hair is a lifelong one. In addition to ensuring our legs and underarms are silky smooth, most women spend lots of time shaving and maintaining their bikini lines. However, gynaecologists are warning women that not shaving down there is actually the better option — for many reasons.

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Pubic hair serves as a sort of barrier against dangerous elements. The most important function of pubic hair is to protect the skin and vaginal area from bacteria. When you shave, your skin and vagina are not being protected from this bacteria. We’re constantly wearing underwear and clothing that aren’t very breathable, which makes the vaginal region warm and moist. This is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and not having any hair down there puts you at risk of contracting these germs.

Another reason to skip shaving your bikini area? Not having any hair down there puts women at a higher risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections. When friction occurs and there is no hair to protect the skin, your skin is more susceptible to “micro injuries” and in turn, sexually transmitted infections.

source: Self

Speaking of micro injuries, shaving your bikini line can cause a whole host of those. You already know how easy it is to knick yourself while shaving, and these little cuts are inviting bacteria to the area. Shaving also causes irritation, inflammation, and ingrown hairs. All of these things are unpleasant, and they also make you more susceptible to unwanted germs and bacteria.

The moral of the story? If you skip shaving down there, your lady parts will likely thank you! Plus, you won’t have to spend 15 minutes in the shower carefully attending to your bikini line. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!