Homeless Man Throwing B-Day Party For His Dogs And Stranger Ends Up Changing His Life

source: Instagram/soychocco

It’s not every day that you witness something that changes your life, but for one man in Bucaramanga, Colombia, a chance encounter with a homeless man and his two dogs did just that.

The man was walking through a park when he heard someone singing “Happy Birthday.” Curious, he followed the sound until he came across a homeless man named Choco and his two dogs, Shaggy and Nena, who were both wearing birthday hats. Choco had a small cake for his furry friends and was showering them with hugs and kisses.

The man was touched by the scene and decided to take a video of Choco and his dogs. He posted the video online and asked people to donate food, supplies, and money to help get Choco on his feet.

The video went viral, and within days, people from all over the world had donated enough money to help Choco and his dogs. The man who had taken the video was overwhelmed by the response. Choco was given a phone as a gift and he also opened an Instagram account where he posts about his life and animals. He has thousands of followers. 

As it turned out Choco became homeless after leaving an abusive home situation. He had no family or friends to turn to and had been living on the streets for months. Despite his situation, Choco remained positive and lived with his dogs which he had met in the streets.

source: Instagram/soychocco

People were struck by Choco’s resilience and decided to help him get back on his feet. They connected Choco with local organizations that provided him with housing, job training, and counseling services. With the man’s help, Choco was able to turn his life around and find a new home for himself and his dogs, because the stranger was the first one to notice Choco and his situation. 

Choco’s story is not unique. Homelessness is a growing problem in many countries, with millions of people living on the streets or in temporary shelters. Domestic violence, lack of affordable housing, physical and mental health issues, unemployment and job loss, and addiction are the most common reasons for homelessness.

source: Instagram/soychocco

Despite the challenges, there are many organizations and individuals working to help people like Choco. From providing emergency shelter and food to offering job training and counseling services, there are many ways to make a difference in the lives of the homeless.

If you want to help, there are several things you can do. Donating money or supplies to local organizations that serve the homeless is a great way to make a direct impact. You can also volunteer your time by serving meals, providing job training, or simply spending time with people who are homeless.

source: Instagram/soychocco

Another way to make a difference is by raising awareness about the issue of homelessness. Share Choco’s story and other stories like his on social media or through word of mouth. Educate yourself about the root causes of homelessness and advocate for policies and programs that address these issues.

In the end, it’s important to remember that homelessness can happen to anyone. By showing compassion and taking action, we can help people like Choco and his dogs find a way off the streets and into a brighter future.