Tiny Homeless Puppy Follows LA Police Officer Down The Street, Finding His Forever Home

source: Instagram/@lapdhollywood

You know how people always say that you don’t choose rescue animals, but that they choose you? Well, I agree 100%. And I think you will too after reading this heartwarming story. Los Angeles police officers Mercado and Tavera were patrolling the streets of Hollywood when something unexpected happened – they were approached by the teeniest, tiniest puppy.

It was immediately clear that this tiny puppy had been abandoned, and was wandering the streets all alone. The puppy ran up to the officers, clearly asking for help as he was way too small and young to fend for himself. The officers certainly weren’t going to leave him there. So they scooped him up and brought him along for a ride in their patrol car.

They named the puppy Hobart after the street that he was found on. They decided to bring him to the police station, where Hobart completely relished in all of the attention he was receiving. By the end of the day, it was clear that Hobart would never be homeless again – Officer Mercado decided to adopt him.

Now, Hobart has found his forever home with Officer Mercado and his family. He will no longer be roaming the streets alone, searching for food and protection. This is such a heartwarming story of two police officers who stepped up to the plate when they didn’t need to, and were able to rescue an innocent, helpless animal. Amazing work, officers Mercado and Tavera – let their good deed inspire you to help others in need!