How Eye Color Is Potentially Linked To Personality Traits

There’s an old saying that eyes are the window to the soul. I’ve always believed that this couldn’t be more true, and now it looks like science is agreeing. Scientists at Orebro University in Sweden observed the eyes of 428 subjects to see if there was a link between personality traits and eye color. The study found that people with different eye colors did have different, specific personality traits. What does your eye color reveal about your own personality?

Green Eyes

Having true green eyes is quite rare, and people with this eye color tend to be mysterious, seductive, and surprising. You never feel like you truly know someone with green eyes, as they keep many thoughts, feelings, and secrets to themselves.

Hazel Eyes

If your eyes are a combination of green and goldy-brown, you are confident, unique, and always think outside of the box. People with hazel eyes tend to be unpredictable, but their spontaneous nature attracts those around them.

Brown Eyes

source: YourTango

People with brown eyes are bold, enjoy physical activity, and have a passion for the great outdoors. Brown-eyed people are generally relaxed in nature, and have a wide circle of friends.

Blue Eyes

People with blue eyes are difficult to read, and can seem a little distant. This is only because they’re deep thinkers, and it takes people longer to get to know them. Blue-eyed people are motivated, intelligent, and extremely loyal to those who earn their trust.