How One Mom Drastically Transformed Her Life By Making Small Changes Each Week

source: Women's Health Magazine / Instagram

Losing weight is (quite literally) an uphill battle. The majority of weight loss stories I see floating around the internet don’t interest me, as these people have usually switched overnight to a drastic lifestyle change. Although I obviously applaud their discipline and self control, this type of weight loss regimen isn’t realistic for most of us. However, the story I’m about to share with you is relatable, realistic, and definitely inspiring.

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HEY new followers 👋👋 Let me catch you up to speed on my journey so far. 👶 On March 28th 2017, I gave birth to my third child… I came home that afternoon from the hospital and weighed myself.. 126.5kg, that was the point I knew I had to change. 🍎 I started by making changes to my diet each week, first week I picked healthier options at fast food places, second week I cut out fast food, takeaway and junk food altogether. Week three I cut out soft drink/soda, I was mainly drinking about 4L (a gallon) of Pepsi Max per day. Week four I switched out white bread, rice and pasta for brown/wholemeal versions. As I kept going I learned about better alternatives and tweaked my diet here and there, I never stuck to a specific meal plan but my eating would be be described as high protein, moderate fat, moderate carbs (low GI, healthy carbs). 🚶‍♀️ I started off exercising from approx. four weeks post partum, I pushed my two older kids in a double pram and carried my baby in a carrier. Started off walking 15 minutes, built up my fitness over time to the point I could walk for 4hrs straight and cover 20km distance with all three kids in tow. ⬇️ After six months I had lost 48kg on my own, at this point I decided to join a bootcamp, and since including weights training into my life, my loose skin has tightened significantly and I actually have some muscle tone now! 😁 The last few months have been incredible, I hit my goal weight (57kgs/126lbs lost) and my story was picked up by a local newspaper and it quickly spread worldwide, I did a really terrifying live interview on Australian TV and most recently I had a feature article written about me in Take5 Magazine. I finished off my Cert 4 in Fitness and I'm now working at PEPT Gladstone (@gladdypept), where I hope to use my personal experience to help change as many lives as possible. 💪So thankyou so much for all the new follows, and to all the people who have watched my journey from the beginning, shared in my joy and encouraged me to push through the hard times- I appreciate it so much more than I could ever say!

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Keely Dellit is a busy mom of three from Australia. Although she was a fit, active child, she started gaining weight after taking a job at a fast food restaurant when she was 14. After having three children in three years, Keely’s weight was at an all-time high. After stepping on the scale and seeing that she gained 278 pounds, she knew she had to make a change — for her children and for herself.

As a new mom of three young kids, Keely knew that fully committing to a brand new lifestyle wasn’t very realistic. Instead, she vowed to make one tiny change per week that helped her to ease into a healthy lifestyle. “At first, I didn’t cut out the fast food and treats that I loved; I simply chose smaller portions (like a small fry instead of a medium size),” said Keely. “Then, I gradually made slightly healthier substitutions (grilled chicken instead of crispy, for example).”

Keely then took the next steps by swapping out soda for sparkling water, and eating at home instead of ordering takeout. For the first six months, she didn’t focus on a specific exercise plan. She would go on walks with her kids or do at-home workouts she found on YouTube. As she started to lose weight and gain confidence, she joined a bootcamp class. She enjoyed the class so much, she got her certification as a personal trainer and now teaches classes at that very same gym.

In only 14 months, Keely lost 125 pounds. Now, her focus is shifting from weight loss to building muscle and feeling strong. “Every day I have to decide to be mindful of my food choices and portion sizes,” said Keely. “I learned that the trick to long-term weight management and health is to start slow and focus on all the little successes along the way — and now I want to pass that information on.”