Legend Suggests Having Specific Lines On Your Palm Can Signify Good Luck

Palm reading is an ancient practice dating back centuries. Many cultures and people believe that we can tell specific things about someone’s personality, past, and future, simply by reading the lines on their hand. Although you may know what some of the major lines translate to, this one’s meaning is little-known but extremely interesting.

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Do you have this line on your hand? If you open your palm and face it towards you, the line will begin at the outermost part of your hand, under your pinky finger. The line slopes upwards and ends on the far side of your middle finger. If you have this line, consider yourself lucky.

It is said that anyone with this line on their hand has a guardian angel. Your guardian angel may be someone you once knew in this lifetime, or someone you have yet to meet in another lifetime. They watch over you at all times, and guide you away from hardships and struggle. When you do have to face the unpleasantries of life, your guardian angel helps you to stay strong and persevere through adversity.

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Pretty interesting, huh?