Man Bit By Copperhead Snake Hiding In His Toolbox

source: Facebook/Matt Morris

Well folks, I officially have a new fear.

Texas resident Matt Morris took to Facebook to share that his neighbor was recently bitten on the hand by a copperhead snake while reaching for tools in his toolbox. Fortunately, it was a “dry” bite, and he didn’t experience any negative symptoms. But, it’s snake season, and if you live in an area known for snakes, you should be aware that many will make your property (or toolbox) their home.

source: Facebook/Matt Morris
source: Facebook/Matt Morris

When it comes to snakes, Texas Parks and Wildlife recommend that you keep the grass around your property trimmed regularly, as long grass is an excellent hiding place for snakes.

They also suggest removing piles of brush and logs from your property, as these make great habitats for rodents which will then attract snakes. They also say to be mindful when climbing or hopping over rocks or logs, as snakes will often hang out in these places.

source: Philly Voice via Barbara Gauntt/Clarion Ledger/USATODAY

Always wear shoes when outdoors, and never reach your hand someplace where you cannot see. Take extra care when walking near creek beds and underbrush. We need to share the great outdoors with all species of animals – and we can take care not to disturb them so that they don’t disturb us!