Man Finds $20,000 Chair for Just $50 through Facebook Marketplace

source: Tiktok/@miztermiller

In a world where social media platforms have become the new marketplace, one man’s unexpected discovery on Facebook Marketplace has turned into a thrilling adventure. Justin Miller, an avid online shopper, stumbled upon a listing that would forever change his life. Little did he know that the chair he found on this seemingly ordinary platform would be worth thousands of dollars.

Miller’s journey began when he casually scrolled through the Facebook Marketplace, looking for a potential bargain. As fate would have it, a listing caught his eye, showcasing a vintage chair with a distinctive design.

source: Tiktok/@miztermiller

Justin acquired the chair when a yard sale in Beverly Hills took an unexpected turn. A woman was assigned to sell the couple’s belongings and receive a portion of the profits in return. But she was informed that such sales were prohibited in the neighborhood. As a result, she decided to sell everything on Facebook Marketplace. That’s where Justin came across the chair and agreed to a same-day pickup.

After doing some research, he discovered that the chair was a Frits Henningsen design, a renowned Danish furniture designer from the mid-20th century. Aware of the chair’s value, Justin was both amazed and excited about his unexpected find.

Justin didn’t exploit the situation and was going to honestly inform the woman about the chair’s considerable worth. To his surprise, she already knew that chair was valuable and was the one to tell him that. She amazingly didn’t care about it and was still fine about selling the chair.


Can’t believe I just found this amazing designer chair on Facebook Marketplace for $50! Could be worth $100,000 🙃 #homedecor #interiordesign #diy #homerenovation #thrifted #vintage #thrifthaul #facebookmarketplace #antiques

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Being an active member of TikTok, Miller decided to document his extraordinary find in a series of short videos. He shared the story of his chance encounter with the Frits Henningsen chair, discussing its historical significance and showcasing its unique features. The videos quickly gained traction, with viewers captivated by the narrative and the chair’s inherent beauty.

Now, the chair will be auctioned by Sotheby’s, and Justin hopes to earn around $20,000 to $25,000 after receiving his share of the profits.


Replying to @dazonic For everyone who thought I was lying about owning the chair, here ya go. She heads to NYC soon for June’s big auction! #homedecor #interiordesign #diy #thrifted #antiques #sothebys #thrifthaul

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The next time you come across something intriguing on an online marketplace, take a moment to investigate further. You never know; you might just stumble upon a hidden treasure that could change your life forever, just like it did for Justin Miller and his remarkable chair.