Man Found $2.4 Million Worth Of Gold Bars In an Old Tank

Credit: Caters News Agency

In a shocking discovery, a man found $2.4 million worth of gold bars in an old Iraqi Army tank. Nick Mead, a tank collector from the UK, was inspecting the tank he had recently acquired when he stumbled upon the valuable treasure hidden inside the diesel fuel tanks.

The discovery of the gold bars has left many people amazed, with some speculating that they could have been looted by Saddam Hussein’s regime during the Gulf War. While the origin of the gold bars is unknown, the fact that they were found in an ex-Iraqi Army tank has fueled these speculations.

Mead, who is a well-known collector of military memorabilia, said that he was shocked when he discovered the gold bars. He had bought the tank on eBay and was in the process of restoring it when he found the bars. Mead stated that he had no idea that the gold was inside the tank and was amazed that it had gone unnoticed for so many years.

Credit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

The gold bars, which weighed a total of 5.5 stone, were hidden inside the fuel tanks and were covered in diesel oil. Mead had to carefully clean the bars to uncover their true value. The bars are estimated to be worth $2.4 million, making it one of the largest discoveries of gold in recent years.

Mead plans to sell the gold bars and donate a portion of the proceeds to military charities. He stated that he wants to give back to the military community, which has been a big part of his life. Mead has already been approached by several potential buyers and is currently in the process of negotiating the sale of the gold.

The discovery of gold bars has caused a lot of excitement among collectors and enthusiasts alike. Many people are fascinated by the idea of hidden treasures, and this discovery has only added to the intrigue. Mead has become somewhat of a celebrity in the military collecting world and has been featured in several news articles and television programs.

While the origin of the gold bars may never be known, their discovery has provided a fascinating insight into the world of military memorabilia. It also highlights the potential value that can be found in unexpected places. Mead’s discovery of the gold bars is a testament to the fact that there is always something new to discover, and you never know what treasures might be hiding just beneath the surface.