10 Types Of Dreams And What Each Of Them Are Thought To Mean

source: World of Lucid Dreaming / AlphaCoders

Dreams are one of life’s weirdest phenomenons. I almost always remember my dreams in vivid detail, and most of the time, they are super weird. Most types of dreams are rooted in your subconscious, so if you’ve been having these types of dreams lately, this could be why.

source: University of Metaphysical Sciences / Shutterstock

1. Being Chased

Dreams where you’re being chased are extremely common. Whatever’s chasing you in the dream likely represents something or someone that poses a threat to you in your actual life.

2. Houses

When you dream of specific houses, they can take on many different symbolic meanings. Each floor or room of these dream houses can represent a different memory or emotion.

3. Being Trapped

Being trapped somewhere is an extremely common nightmare theme. This type of dream can represent stress you have about not being able to make a decision or escape from a certain situation in your life.

4. Animals

When animals appear in your dreams, it usually signifies the part of your psyche that feels connected to nature or survival instincts.

5. Falling

Dreams where you’re falling down a tunnel or similar situation are quite common, and tend to express our fears about losing control.

6. Killing

If you’ve dreamed of killing before, it doesn’t equate to being a murderer. You may be feeling hostility towards someone in your life, or you may simply be watching or reading too much true crime before bed!

7. Sex

Having dreams about sex is completely normal, and it likely represents a literal desire for sex or physical intimacy.

8. Water

Water appears in dreams in many forms, and represents aspects of the unconscious mind. Calm water might suggest inner peace, while a stormy ocean might suggest unease or stress.

9. People

The people we encounter in dreams are often a reflection of our own psyches, and may represent different aspects of our personalities.

10. Babies

Dreaming of babies might signify your desire to have one, a desire to feel loved in general, or be representative of a new start.

Thanks to the World of Lucid Dreaming for sharing this great info!