Millionaire Builds 99 Tiny Homes to Fight Homelessness in Canada

source: CBC News: The National

Do you know who Marcel LeBrun of New Brunswick is? Emulating the lifestyle of the rich and famous is one thing, but this man is using his millionaire status for an inspiring purpose. While the typical person may choose to spend their money on material things, he has decided to construct 99 micro-homes to fight homelessness in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

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Marcel’s Mission

Marcel kicked off his journey when he sold his company for eight figures. But instead of living the lavish life and enjoying all the perks that come with the money, he decided to be of help. He initiated the “12 Neighbours” project to form a community for the needy. His vision? To give people shelter but also a new and better future.

source: Marcel LeBrun

The Tiny Homes

These homes are more than just tiny houses. Each one is well thought out with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and even a front porch to sit on. They are also solar panel enabled, making them environmentally friendly. The concept is to give people a dignified mode of living and make them comfortable and confident.

source: CBC News: The National

Building a Community

But Marcel’s plan is not limited to the provision of homes. He is all about creating a community. The 12 Neighbours program includes job assistance, mental health services, and educational services. Also under construction is a community center to be managed by the residents, with a coffee shop and a teaching kitchen. The goal is to help people regain their independence and get back to a normal life.

Funding and Future Plans

Marcel personally contributed $4 million to the project, and another $12 million was received from government grants. The houses are built in a factory and then shipped to their location. This method is time-saving and ensures excellent quality.

source: CBC News: The National

Facing Criticism

However, not everyone supports his method. Some suggest that homeless people should be integrated into society rather than placed in a gated community. Marcel acknowledges this but believes that the primary need is safety and security.

Inspiring Change

Marcel’s initiative sets a new precedent and encourages others. His approach shows that with the right tools and environment, significant change is achievable. Everyone can change the world in their own way.

source: CBC News: The National

Marcel LeBrun’s story is a great example of how wealth can be put to good use. His initiative to fight homelessness and help people become self-reliant through the 99 tiny homes project is truly inspirational. It’s a clear example that one person’s actions can create a chain reaction of good intentions. If you’re moved by this, think about how you can also be the change!

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