Miniature Horse with Hind Leg Disability Runs for the First Time with Wheelchair

source: Youtube/Walkin' Pets

Imagine not being able to move freely, to explore the world around you without any hindrances. It’s a feeling that many of us take for granted. But for Turbo, a 3-month-old mini horse, that freedom seemed like an unattainable dream. Born with a congenital defect called luxating patella, Turbo had limited mobility in his back legs, making it difficult for him to walk properly.

Turbo’s owners reached out to Road to Refuge Animal Sanctuary (R2RAS) in North Haven, Connecticut, seeking help for their beloved mini horse. R2RAS is a non-profit organization founded by Megan Pereira, a former animal vet tech who was disheartened by the number of farm animals being euthanized. She decided to create a sanctuary where these animals could find a safe and loving home.

source: Youtube/Walkin’ Pets

Megan, who has a soft spot for animals with special needs and medical conditions, took Turbo under her care. Inspired by a goat named Peaches, who was able to move around with the help of a wheelchair, Megan contacted Walkin’ Pets, a mobility company based in New Hampshire. Moved by Turbo’s story, Walkin’ Pets generously donated a wheelchair for him.

When Turbo was placed in his new wheelchair, he wasted no time. Without any hesitation, he started running and playing, leaving everyone amazed and filled with joy. Megan was overwhelmed with emotions, almost brought to tears by Turbo’s incredible transformation. He had gone from dragging his legs to sprinting freely in his wheelchair.

source: Youtube/Walkin’ Pets

Witnessing Turbo galloping along in his wheelchair is truly heartwarming. The spirited joy that radiates from him is infectious. Megan hopes that Turbo’s story will inspire others to consider rescuing animals with special needs, as they have a unique way of touching hearts and bringing immense happiness.

source: Instagram/@roadtorefugesanctuary

However, Turbo’s journey was far from over. While the wheelchair provided him with newfound mobility, he still required additional help. Megan referred to Turbo as her “unicorn” and recognized that he needed surgery on his legs. She shared the news on R2RAS’s Facebook page, expressing cautious optimism about Turbo’s progress after his first leg surgery.

The non-profit organization was seeking donations to cover the costs of Turbo’s surgery and to support the other animals at Road to Refuge Animal Sanctuary. As a sanctuary situated on 10 acres of land, they have rescued 70 animals since 2020 and continue to provide a loving environment for these creatures in need.

Turbo’s story shows us the power of compassion and the remarkable transformations that can occur when people come together to help those in need. The dedication of individuals like Megan makes a significant difference in the lives of animals like Turbo.

Together, we can make a positive impact and create a better world for animals in need.