Mom Builds A Straw Bale Off-Grid Home For Her Teenage Daughter for $10K

source: Youtube/Discovery UK

Every parent wants the best for their children, but Shalina Luna and Ben Griffith took it to a whole new level. When they bought a piece of land in Ignacio, Colorado, they had a grand plan in mind – to build a house for their children once they turned 18. And now, their daughter Joli Galvan had just reached that milestone, and her dream home was about to become a reality.

But this wasn’t going to be an ordinary home. Shalina and Ben embarked on an off-grid adventure, using an unconventional building material – straw bales. These sturdy bales were covered in cob, a mixture of clay, sand, straw, and water that provides excellent insulation and is even fireproof. Talk about a unique home!

source: Youtube/Discovery UK

Measuring 34×17 feet, the house consisted of three distinct partitions built in separate stages. On one side, there was a cozy study area, perfect for Joli to immerse herself in her studies. On the other side, a spacious living room and loft bedroom awaited her, providing a space to relax and unwind.

The couple wanted the house to exude rustic charm, creating an atmosphere where their daughter would feel at home for years to come. And they succeeded. The timber used for the upper half of the house blended perfectly with the cob, giving the home a charming farmhouse aesthetic.

source: Youtube/Discovery UK

One of the most remarkable aspects of this straw bale house was its complete off-grid status. Shalina and Ben utilized solar panels to power every aspect of the house, from lights to appliances. They even had an electric pump under the kitchen sink to make use of the water they hauled in.

Of course, keeping warm during the winter was a priority. While the straw bales provided excellent insulation, they had a solar-friendly ceramic heater on standby for those extra chilly days. And what’s more relaxing than soaking in a cob hot tub heated by a wood-burning stove? Joli would be able to enjoy that luxury too!

To make the project even more special, Shalina and Ben sourced materials from their land and the surrounding area. This not only added a personal touch but also helped them stay within their budget of $10,000. After just four weeks of hard work, Joli’s dream home was finally complete.

source: Youtube/Discovery UK

Stepping inside, it was clear that this home was a labor of love. The bedroom on the loft level was a cozy haven with a stunning view outside. And the living area below provided ample space for Joli to entertain friends and family. The stairs leading to the bed were cleverly designed with storage compartments on each step, optimizing the use of space.

The kitchen was a sight to behold. With charming accents and a gorgeous sink that seamlessly blended with the wooden countertop, it was truly a chef’s dream. Shalina surprised her daughter with some heirloom kitchenware, adding a touch of family history to the space.

Although small, the bathroom had everything Joli needed. Shalina jokingly referred to it as an “inhouse” instead of an outhouse since it was indoors, but the concept remained the same. A composting toilet and a jar of water next to the sink provided all the necessities.

Lastly, the study room was a perfect sanctuary for focus and learning. A stylish red chair and an antique dresser added personality to the space. Shalina had even created little compartments, lovingly called “book nooks,” where Joli could display her beloved books. For an avid reader like her, it was a dream come true.

source: Youtube/Discovery UK

As Joli embarked on a tour of her new place, her excitement was palpable. The love and effort that Shalina and Ben put into creating this unique, off-grid home were evident in every corner. Joli’s dream had become a reality, and it was the perfect reflection of her personality and passions.

It goes to show that with a little imagination, determination, and a budget-friendly approach, extraordinary dreams can be brought to life. And as Joli settled into her straw bale home, she knew that her parents’ love had created something truly special.