Mom Gets Criticized Over Cleaning Her Teen’s Messy Room

source: TikTok/snowenne_cleans

A mum’s act of cleaning her teenage daughter’s messy room has sparked a heated debate online. Snowenne, a mother of two, was left devastated when her teenager’s room became a chaotic mess of clutter, garbage, food wrappers, dirt, and unclean clothes. Determined to restore order, she decided to clean up the room while her daughter was away on a school trip. However, her actions were met with criticism from those who believed the teenager should take responsibility for cleaning her own space.

Snowenne’s motivation to clean her daughter’s room stemmed from the need to address stained carpets and eliminate the excess clutter that had accumulated. The rest of the house had recently undergone renovations, including the installation of new carpets. However, Snowenne felt hesitant to entrust her daughter with the new flooring and chose to delay its installation until her child demonstrated the ability to maintain a clean room. Snowenne documented the room transformation on her popular TikTok account, sharing videos that quickly went viral.


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In the first video, Snowenne tackled the room by gathering the rubbish from the floor and washing some of the clothes and blankets. Additionally, she decided to brighten up the space by repainting some old furniture. As she explained in her videos, the replacement of the carpet was still pending due to her lack of trust in her daughter’s ability to keep it clean. Snowenne diligently scrubbed away paint splatters from both the carpet and furniture, ensuring every surface was wiped down.

In a second video, Snowenne revealed the transformed room—a clean bed, a vacuumed floor, and all her daughter’s belongings neatly organized in drawers and on shelves. While many viewers were impressed by Snowenne’s efforts and praised her patience and care, thousands of others criticized her actions, questioning why she cleaned her daughter’s room instead of making her take responsibility for it.


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Some individuals shared their own parenting methods, recounting how they would supervise their children while they cleaned their messy rooms or simply discard any items left lying around. Others expressed disbelief, noting that their own mothers would have never allowed their rooms to reach such a state in the first place. A few even jokingly remarked that their mothers would have kicked them out of the house for such a mess.

However, amidst the criticism, there were those who raised concerns for the teenager’s well-being. They speculated that a messy room could be a sign of underlying struggles the child might be facing, such as stress or emotional turmoil. These individuals applauded Snowenne for her patience and care, expressing gratitude for the clean and organized environment she had created for her daughter.

The debate surrounding Snowenne’s actions reflects the diversity of opinions when it comes to parenting and household responsibilities. While some believe that teenagers should be solely responsible for cleaning their own rooms, others argue that parents have a role to play in supporting and guiding their children through these tasks. Ultimately, each family must find a balance that works for them, taking into consideration the unique dynamics of their household and the needs of their children.