Mom of 3 Doesn’t Have Bedtime for Her Kids

source: He3smalls

The conventional notion of bedtime holds no sway for one unique family. The idea of a rigid bedtime routine for one mother is a thing of the past, as she embraces a more autonomous approach to her children’s sleep schedule.

Many families thrive on structure. However, for this particular family, going to bed late and waking up late has become the norm, and it suits them just fine. Nic is a mom of three and she lets her kids go to bed whenever they please. 

The late-night hours, around 2 am, are when this aspiring author finds herself most creative and focused on her writing. And the kids, surprisingly, love their evenings too. After a usually busy day, they find solace and relaxation during these late-night hours. Reading together, watching movies, drawing pictures, and playing games have become cherished activities that they engage in during this special time.

source: He3smalls

This unconventional approach to bedtime came about after the mother learned about other families who had embraced a sense of autonomy in their lives. Initially, she thought they were insane, but the more she pondered it, the more sense it made to her. She had come to realize that children are often more capable than society gives them credit for and have a keen sense of what they need. And so, removing the control and force from their bedtime routine seemed like the next logical step in fostering their independence.

Of course, the transition wasn’t without its challenges. The eldest child, in particular, initially believed that the absence of a designated bedtime meant he could stay up all night. However, the mother guided him, teaching him to recognize his sleep cues and illustrating the effects of staying up too late. Contrary to popular belief, she didn’t abandon her parenting responsibilities but rather provided support and guidance.

Gradually, the children fell into their natural circadian rhythms, and the results were astounding. The family flourished. The mother cherishes the freedom this approach has given them. Now, her children, older and more in tune with their bodies, largely determine when they sleep and wake up. She spends time with her daughters as they drift off to sleep, creating an atmosphere of coziness, peace, and love. Her son, on the other hand, plays in his room until he feels tired enough to fall asleep. The designated “bedtime” can occur anytime between 9 pm and 1 am.

So, while the majority of households are settling into their rigid bedtime routines, this family thrives in the freedom of unstructured sleep, embracing the uniqueness of their journey.

source: He3smalls

People online have mixed feelings about this approach. While some people expressed that they loved her way of parenting, others said that they wouldn’t want to do this with their kids and prefer structured bedtime. What do you think? Would you do this?