Mum Stirs Up Controversy By Confessing To Preparing Five Weeks’ Worth Of School Lunches At Once

source: Facebook

In the world of busy parents, finding ways to streamline daily routines is a coveted skill. One organized mum, Elise, recently shared her ingenious method for preparing five weeks’ worth of school lunches in just five minutes. While her time-saving hack went viral, it also ignited a heated discussion among hundreds of parents who had differing opinions on the matter.

Elise’s approach involved creating a large batch of 27 sandwiches for her child’s school lunches. She then placed them in the freezer, allowing them to defrost overnight before packing them into her child’s lunchbox. The concept seemed simple enough, but it raised concerns among other parents who worried about potential issues such as soggy bread, frozen fillings, and an unusual taste.

Quickly responding to the skepticism, Elise clarified her intentions that she doesn’t expect their child to consume sandwiches that are either soggy or frozen. The sandwiches thaw out perfectly overnight. To ensure freshness, Elise recommended using fillings with low water content and advised against adding lettuce or cucumber until the morning of consumption. Her explanation seemed to quell some of the doubts, although concerns about freezing deli meats lingered among a few parents.

As the Facebook post gained traction, a lively exchange of opinions unfolded in the comments section. While some worried about the potential loss of flavor or texture when defrosting sandwiches, others reminisced about their own childhood experiences, recounting how their parents had employed the same technique with success. These individuals insisted that the sandwiches tasted just as delicious and fresh when defrosted.


One woman shared a heartwarming story of her single father, who diligently prepared frozen sandwiches for his three children each Sunday evening. She revealed that the method had worked well for her family.

In addition to the positive testimonials, another woman chimed in, sharing her similar time-saving strategy. She emphasized the importance of using fresh bread and disclosed that she stocked up on about a three-week supply of sandwiches for her three children and husband. Her family had no complaints about the taste or quality of the defrosted sandwiches.

Ultimately, Elise’s school lunch hack divided parents into two camps: those who found the idea intriguing and those who remained skeptical. While concerns about texture and taste exist, the positive experiences shared by others who have used this method provide reassurance that it can indeed be a viable option for busy parents seeking to streamline their morning routines.

In the end, every family’s preferences and circumstances differ, so it is up to each parent to decide what works best for them. The debate surrounding this lunchtime hack shows us that parenting is a diverse landscape filled with unique approaches, and sometimes, a clever trick that may seem unconventional to some can be a game-changer for others.