8 Old Wives’ Tales That People Still Believe, But Are Untrue

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When we were kids, our parents and grandparents told us a number of things to scare us out of doing them. You’re probably familiar with a whole host of these old wives’ tales. While some of them are true, many of them are not. These are eight old wives’ tales that tons of people still believe, but are completely untrue!

1. Swallowed Gum Takes Years To Digest

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You were probably told at one point that if you swallow gum, it will stay in your stomach for up to eight years. However, you digest gum like you would any other food. At the longest, it might take up to a week for your system to digest a stubborn piece of gum.

2. Eating Chocolate Causes Pimples

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Good news, chocolate lovers! There has never been any scientific proof linking chocolate consumption to acne. While sugary foods may cause inflammation, munching on a piece of chocolate doesn’t mean you’re going to break out in zits the next day.

3. Shaving Will Make Your Hair Grow Back Thicker

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I remember my mother yelling this at me the first time she caught me shaving my legs. However, this common myth is untrue. You only think your hair is growing back thicker and longer because of the stubble you see when your hair grows back.

4. Feed A Cold, Starve A Fever

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Not eating when you have a fever won’t bring your temperature down or make you feel better. To ward off a cold, fever, or any other sort of sickness, you should be eating nutrient-rich foods and drinking lots of liquids.

5. Plucking One Gray Hair Will Make More Sprout Up

Another myth! Every single piece of hair on your head grows out of its own hair follicle. So if you pluck one gray, it won’t make more randomly start to appear.

6. Swimming After Eating Will Cause You To Drown

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While it’s a good idea to rest for a short period after eating before doing any physical activity, swimming after you eat will not, in fact, cause you to drown. Even if you do get a stomach cramp or ache, you still have complete use of your arms and legs to propel you.

7. Urine Will Take Away A Jellyfish Sting

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I have no idea where this rationale originated from, but there is absolutely no scientific research proving this myth to be true. In fact, urine will likely only make a jellyfish sting worse. Salt water straight from the ocean is a far safer, more effective option.

8. Cracking Your Knuckles Will Give You Arthritis

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Cracking your knuckles from time to time does not equate to getting arthritis in your hands. While it may cause some swelling if you crack your knuckles repeatedly, it won’t actually crack your bones or ligaments like your parents probably told you it would.