Owl Mama Whose Eggs Didn’t Hatch Can’t Contain Joy When She Finds Unexpected Babies in Her Nest

source: Youtube/Robert E Fuller

British wildlife photographer Robert E. Fuller has a remarkable talent for creating awe-inspiring pieces of art. Residing in Yorkshire, UK, Fuller not only captures the captivating beauty of wildlife through his lens but also goes the extra mile by constructing habitats in his own garden to attract and observe these fascinating creatures. By closely studying their behavior, Fuller finds inspiration for his paintings and various creative projects, adding an extra layer of depth to his artwork.

However, Fuller’s passion for animals extends beyond his artistic pursuits. He actively engages in rescuing animals in need, particularly orphaned or lost baby owls known as owlets. In a video shared on YouTube, Fuller shares his approach of placing these young owlets in tawny owl nests, where the adult birds readily accept them as their own, displaying their inherent nurturing and protective instincts.

source: Youtube/Robert E Fuller

One of the tawny owls under Fuller’s compassionate care holds a special role as an adoptive mother. Luna, the owl in question, has her own unique story. Having been rescued herself, Luna was taken in by the owls at Fuller’s residence back in 2017. Raised with care and protection, Luna developed into a robust adult owl, yearning to experience the joys of motherhood. Unfortunately, her attempts at hatching eggs in the past were met with disappointment, as reported by The Dodo. Nevertheless, an opportunity arose for Luna to fulfill her deep-seated maternal instincts when Fuller stumbled upon two other owlets desperately in need of a mother.

Recognizing the potential for Luna to provide nurturing care to the owlets and grant them a chance at survival, Fuller cautiously introduced the babies into Luna’s nest. With bated breath, he awaited Luna’s return, fervently hoping that she would accept the newcomers and raise them as her own.

source: Youtube/Robert E Fuller

Thankfully, Luna’s response was immediate and heartwarming. Upon spotting the tiny owlets nestled within her tree hollow, Luna wasted no time in enfolding them beneath her protective wings, ensuring their warmth and safeguarding. This selfless act, commonly referred to as “brooding,” involves the female owl diligently sitting on her young to regulate their body temperature until they develop sufficient feathers to do so themselves, as explained by All About Birds.

Fuller was overjoyed to witness the owlets finding a loving mother in Luna. The sense of fulfillment was mutual, as he expressed his happiness by writing, “This means that after a long wait, Luna the tawny owl is finally a mum.”

Even Luna’s partner, Bomber, welcomed the newfound additions into their shared home. Initially excited upon discovering the two rescued chicks in the nest, Bomber was met with a hint of protectiveness from Luna. She allowed him a quick glimpse of their adorable offspring before gently guiding him away, using her claw to firmly grasp his leg as if to convey, “Now go and find them some food,” as Fuller recounted.

Under the tender care of their adopted owl parents, the two owlets are flourishing. As they continue to grow and develop, they will eventually reach a stage where they can venture out on their own and have a happy ending. This heartwarming tale shows love, resilience, and the power of nurturing instincts. It just melts our hearts!