Parents Win The Right To Name Their Son ‘Banned Name’ Despite The Registrar’s Initial Objections

source: Youtube/This Morning

Naming a child is a momentous responsibility for any parent. It’s a decision that will stick with the child for life, shaping their identity and influencing how they are perceived by others. For Dan and Mandy Sheldon, this decision became a contentious battle when they chose to name their son Lucifer.

The Sheldons welcomed their bundle of joy into the world with excitement and joy. Four months later, they headed to the registrar’s office to officially register their son’s name. However, they were met with unexpected resistance when they proudly declared their chosen name, Lucifer.

The name ‘Lucifer’ has deep historical and cultural connotations, often associated with the devil or Satan in various religious beliefs. In Greek, it means ‘light-bringer’ and ‘morning,’ which might not be as sinister as it sounds. But it’s precisely this darker association that led to a strong negative reaction from the public.

The couple, who were not particularly religious, didn’t pay much attention to the negative connotations. To them, it was just a name they liked. Unfortunately, the registrar strongly objected and even subjected them to harsh remarks, expressing concern that their son would face difficulties in life because of his name. They were warned that finding a job and living a normal life might be challenging for him due to the name’s stigma.

source: Youtube/This Morning

Interestingly, Lucifer is a name that is banned in several countries, including New Zealand. But in the UK, it is not technically illegal, although it can still be a challenging name to register.

Despite facing opposition, the determined couple stood their ground. They believed that they had the right to name their child whatever they liked, as long as it was not offensive or harmful. They argued that it was unfair to judge a child based solely on their name, as it should be their character and actions that define them.

The battle to register their chosen name was not easy, and the registrar reluctantly accepted the name, albeit through gritted teeth. The incident, however, did not go unnoticed. News of the Sheldons’ struggle spread, capturing the attention of Derbyshire County Council, the governing body responsible for registrar services in the area.

Upon learning about the situation, the Derbyshire County Council swiftly issued an apology to the Sheldons. They recognized that the registrar’s behavior was inappropriate and not in line with the principles of fairness and respect for individual choices. The council reassured the public that they support parents’ rights to choose their child’s name, as long as it adheres to legal guidelines.

While some names may carry significant cultural or religious baggage, parents have the right to choose names that hold special meaning to them or resonate with their family heritage, regardless of public opinion. As society evolves, we must strive to be more open-minded and accepting of diverse names and identities.

In the end, baby Lucifer Sheldon was granted his name, and the parents hope that their son will grow up in a world that celebrates uniqueness and allows individuals to be judged by their actions, not just their names. The Sheldons’ victory shows us that parental love and the desire to nurture their child’s individuality should always prevail in the beautiful journey of parenthood.