Pizza Shop Responds To Rude Customer By Hanging A Perfect Sign For Special Needs Worker

source: Youtube/WYFF News 4

In a world where kindness often takes a backseat to conflict and disrespect, it’s refreshing to come across stories that remind us of the power of compassion. Amanda Cartagine, the owner of Pizza Inn, recently demonstrated this power when faced with a rude and disrespectful customer. Instead of retaliating with anger, she responded with grace and created a ripple effect of love and acceptance.

Amanda considers her staff as part of her extended family and takes on the role of their matriarch. So, when a customer complained about one of her staff members with special needs, she knew she had to stand up for them.

The incident occurred when the customer requested a refill of the salad bowl from one of the staff members. However, the staff member, named Ryan Mosley, politely explained that it wasn’t his assigned task. Unhappy with this response, the customer escalated the matter to the manager, hoping for a different outcome.

source: Youtube/WYFF News 4

To the customer’s surprise, the manager calmly explained that Ryan has Down Syndrome and is trained for other responsibilities within the restaurant. The customer, still discontented, suggested that the restaurant should display a sign to inform customers about the staff’s special needs.

Upon hearing this, Amanda felt a mix of anger and determination. She couldn’t stand the thought of anyone disrespecting her staff. So, she came up with a brilliant idea—a sign that would not only address the customer’s suggestion but also convey an important message.

The sign Amanda placed by the door read: “We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and hire ALL of God’s children.” It was a beautiful clap back and it perfectly showed Amanda’s pride in welcoming people from diverse backgrounds and walks of life into her team.

source: Youtube/WYFF News 4

In fact, an impressive 63% of her kitchen staff comprises individuals with special needs. Amanda firmly believes in nurturing their talents and helping them reach their full potential. She knows that with patience and support, these extraordinary individuals can achieve greatness. 

Ryan’s mother, Angie Mosley, was initially disheartened by the customer’s complaint. However, she found solace in Amanda’s unwavering support for her son. Ryan adores his job at Pizza Inn and takes pride in earning his own money, which he plans to use for purchasing video games.

source: Youtube/WYFF News 4

The incident once again showed us the challenges faced by parents of children with special needs in advocating for their capabilities and worthiness.

While some businesses shy away from hiring individuals with special needs, Pizza Inn embraces them with open arms. Amanda’s response to the rude customer highlights the importance of creating an inclusive society, where everyone is valued and given opportunities to thrive.

As for the customer who complained? Amanda didn’t bat an eye at the prospect of losing their business. “If he is not okay with that, then I’m okay with him not coming back. That’s a dollar that I don’t need,” she confidently stated. And she’s absolutely right—when it comes to spreading kindness and acceptance, no amount of money can replace the joy of making a difference.

Amanda Cartagine and Pizza Inn remind us that kindness prevails, even in the face of rudeness. They teach us that by embracing diversity and championing inclusivity, we can create a world where love and acceptance triumph over negativity. Let this heartwarming story be a reminder that acts of kindness, no matter how small, have the power to ignite change and make the world a better place.