Police Officer Discovers Girls Terrified Of Him And What He Does Next Will Warm Your Heart

source: Youtube/WTVR CBS 6

In a world where police officers are often portrayed as intimidating and authoritative figures, it’s no surprise that some young children might be afraid of them. However, one officer from South Hill, Virginia has gone viral for his unique approach to bridging this gap and showing that police officers are there to help and protect.

Corporal C.B. Fleming, a 42-year-old police officer from South Hill, recently made headlines after he got down on the ground to play with a group of children in his neighborhood. The kids had been afraid of cops, but Fleming’s friendly demeanor quickly changed their perception.

source: Youtube/WTVR CBS 6

According to 28-year-old mother Roper-Boswell, her daughter, niece, and the other kids in the neighborhood were afraid of cops. But that all changed when Fleming approached them with a friendly smile and a willingness to engage with them.

As Roper-Boswell captured a quick video using her phone, Fleming got down on the sidewalk so he could play with the children. The kids were obviously surprised and happy, and they quickly warmed up to the officer who was once viewed as intimidating. They even gave him a nickname “Batman”.

It’s clear that Fleming’s actions made a big impact on the children in his neighborhood, but what led him to take this approach in the first place?

According to Fleming, it’s all about building relationships with the community he serves. As a father to four biological children and two adopted kids, he knows how important it is to make connections with young people and to show them that police officers are here to help and protect them.

Fleming’s actions have been widely praised, with people all over the world hailing him as a role model and an example of what it means to be a true public servant. It’s a reminder that police officers can make a real difference in their communities, but it takes a willingness to go above and beyond and to think outside the box.

source: Youtube/WTVR CBS 6

Fleming’s approach shows that it’s possible to build trust and relationships with young people in a way that fosters a sense of community and understanding.

Of course, this isn’t to say that all police officers should be expected to get down on the ground and play with children. But it does highlight the importance of empathy and understanding in law enforcement, and the need for officers to go beyond their role as enforcers of the law and to become true members of the community they serve.

source: Youtube/WTVR CBS 6

It’s true that police officers can make a positive impact in their communities, but it takes a willingness to engage with people on a personal level and to build trust and understanding. It’s a lesson that all law enforcement officers should take to heart, as they work to build safer and more inclusive communities for everyone.