Remember the Baby Who Was Mocked for Having White Hair? He Looks Stunning!

source: Instagram/Patricia Williams

Patricia Williams, like many parents, wanted to capture and share adorable photos of her newborn son. However, she was in for a shocking surprise when she attempted to share these pictures with others.

Her son, Redd, was born in 2012 and had distinctive white hair from birth. But it wasn’t until he was two months old that Patricia and her husband Dale noticed other characteristics that seemed unusual. Concerned about their baby’s eye movements, Dale discovered that this was a common sign associated with albinism. Although Patricia had never heard of albinism before, it became evident that Redd exhibited typical symptoms, such as pale skin, white hair, and tracking eyes.

source: Instagram/Patricia Williams

Seeking professional advice, the couple consulted with a geneticist and an optometrist to obtain an official diagnosis. It was determined that Redd had Oculocutaneous Albinism Type 1 (OCA1), a rare disorder affecting approximately 1 in 17,000 individuals worldwide.

When Redd was born, the hospital staff was initially intrigued by his unique appearance, with his white hair and blue eyes. Patricia didn’t think much of it at the time since she, her husband, and their older son, Gage, all had blonde hair. However, a month later, she noticed that Redd’s hair was exceptionally white, shining in the sunlight. His eyes would track her movements persistently, regardless of her attempts to divert his gaze. In certain lighting conditions, his intensely blue eyes would even appear red.

Initially, Patricia believed that these characteristics would fade over time, but she soon realized that albinism was a lifelong condition when her second son, Rockwell, was born with the same disorder. Unfortunately, the family faced an unexpected challenge when social media users began stealing Rockwell’s photos and using them to create hurtful memes.

source: Instagram/Patricia Williams

Redd faced bullying in school because of his unique appearance, leading his older brother Gage to protect and support him. Despite being better prepared for Rockwell’s birth, the family never anticipated their son’s images becoming memes. Initially, Patricia and Dale tried to have the images removed, but they soon realized it was an impossible task. Instead, they decided to embrace their role as advocates for raising awareness about albinism and combating bullying against children who are perceived as different.

Patricia, who initially felt concerned about Redd’s future and the impact of his differences on their family, found herself gaining a significant following as her son’s pictures turned into a viral meme. She received numerous inquiries about Redd’s appearance, realizing that many people lacked knowledge about albinism. Recognizing this as an opportunity, she became determined to increase awareness and understanding of the condition, which had often been inaccurately portrayed in movies and media.

source: Instagram/Patricia Williams

After undergoing eye surgery to treat his strabismus, Redd transitioned from a specialized school for the visually impaired to a public school. The surgery greatly benefited him, and the family decided against having him wear an eye patch, as they felt it would draw even more attention to his differences. As Redd grew older, his friends gradually became less focused on his unique characteristics.

Redd and his younger brother Rockwell thrived despite their condition. Patricia recently shared a video of Rockwell participating in his school’s “Western Day,” which garnered an outpouring of love and support on social media, with many describing him as cute and adorable. Patricia also dispelled the misconception that individuals with albinism have red eyes, explaining that their eyes often appear light blue due to the absence of pigmentation.

Through their journey, Patricia and her family have not only embraced their sons’ differences but also used their experiences to raise awareness, challenge stereotypes, and promote inclusivity. By sharing their story and raising awareness about albinism, Patricia and her family made a lasting impact on society, changing perceptions and inspiring others to embrace diversity in all its forms.