Restaurant Owner Cooks Meals For All The Stray Dogs Who Come To His Restaurant

source: Facebook/Restaurante - ajilalo

Meet Gerardo Ortiz, the heartwarming owner of the popular restaurant, Ajilalo, located in the picturesque town of Cusco, Peru. While Gerardo is known for his mouthwatering Peruvian dishes that leave customers licking their lips, it’s not just humans he aims to please. This compassionate restaurateur has taken it upon himself to ensure that every furry friend who visits his restaurant leaves with a full and happy belly.

If you happen to stroll past Ajilalo during mealtime, you’ll witness a heartwarming sight – a group of stray dogs eagerly gathered outside the restaurant’s entrance. But they’re not begging for food; they’re simply waiting for their turn to indulge in the scrumptious delights that Gerardo has prepared especially for them.

source: Facebook/Restaurante – ajilalo

It all started a few years ago when Gerardo noticed a couple of hungry street dogs wandering near his restaurant. Being an animal lover, he couldn’t bear to see them suffer, so he decided to feed them some leftovers from the kitchen. The grateful wagging tails and bright, appreciative eyes of the dogs made Gerardo’s heart melt, and he knew he had to do more for them.

From that moment, Ajilalo became a culinary haven for the local stray dogs. Every day during lunch and dinner hours, Gerardo sets out bowls of nutritious, dog-friendly meals at the restaurant’s entrance. The menu may vary, but it often includes a delightful mix of rice, chicken, beef, and vegetables, all thoughtfully prepared to cater to the dogs’ tastes and dietary needs.

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The word quickly spread throughout the canine community, and soon, more and more stray dogs began flocking to Ajilalo. They seem to have an uncanny sense of timing, knowing precisely when it’s mealtime. Some even come with their newfound friends, showcasing the close bonds they’ve formed with fellow strays in this heartwarming restaurant.

As soon as the food is set out, the dogs line up patiently, and their wagging tails create a symphony of happiness. Gerardo lovingly serves each dog their meal, calling them by affectionate names he’s given them over time. There’s “Bruno,” a big, burly fellow who adores belly rubs, and “Canela,” a small, timid dog with soulful eyes that melt hearts.

source: Facebook/Restaurante – ajilalo

Seeing the dogs enjoy their meals brings a smile to the faces of customers too. Many diners now purposely choose Ajilalo over other restaurants in the area because they want to be part of this incredible act of kindness. They sometimes bring along treats and toys for the furry patrons, making the whole experience even more joyful.

Gerardo’s compassion doesn’t stop at feeding the strays; he also works closely with local animal shelters and encourages customers to consider adopting a furry friend in need. By displaying pictures and stories of the rescue dogs, he hopes to find loving forever homes for these loyal creatures.

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The impact of Gerardo’s generosity goes beyond the local community. News of his heartwarming initiative has spread across the internet, inspiring people worldwide to extend kindness to stray animals in their own neighborhoods. Gerardo’s humble act of feeding stray dogs has become a beacon of hope, showcasing the potential for love and empathy to transform the world, one meal at a time.

source: Facebook/Restaurante – ajilalo

As the sun sets over the charming town of Cusco, the restaurant lights continue to shine bright at Ajilalo. And as long as there are stray dogs in need, Gerardo’s warm heart and delicious food will be there to welcome them. Thanks to this compassionate restaurant owner, every dog that visits Ajilalo leaves not only with a full belly but also with the warmth of love that lingers long after the meal is over.