Service Dog Rescues Baby Deer and Receives a Special Thank You

source: Facebook/Ralph Dorn

A loyal service dog named Harley, belonging to Ralph Dorn from Virginia, embarked on a courageous rescue mission. Harley, a Goldendoodle with a natural affinity for water, saved a baby deer from drowning in a vast lake near their home. This remarkable story unfolds with Harley’s determination to protect and care for the fawn, leaving a lasting impression that goes beyond mere companionship.

On a serene evening by the lake on June 2nd, Ralph Dorn noticed that Harley, his beloved Goldendoodle, had gone missing. Worried, Dorn set out to search for his faithful companion, only to discover a heartwarming scene unfold before his eyes. Harley, displaying his retriever instincts, was found in the middle of the lake, swimming alongside a distressed baby deer struggling to stay afloat. With unwavering determination, Harley supported the struggling fawn, guiding it back to the safety of the shore.

source: Youtube/Hbahz Gztga

Once ashore, Harley’s devotion extended beyond the rescue as he began nurturing and caring for the exhausted baby deer. However, the fawn’s mother was anxiously waiting nearby, eager to be reunited with her little one. Recognizing this, Dorn led Harley indoors, allowing the deer to be retrieved by its watchful mother.

The next day, an unexpected surprise unfolded. Harley’s restlessness alerted Dorn to something outside. Opening the front door, they were greeted by the sight of the baby deer from the previous day, accompanied by the sound of its heartfelt bleating. In a truly enchanting moment, it appeared that the fawn had returned to express its gratitude. Harley and the fawn shared a tender moment, touching noses and nuzzling, before bidding each other farewell.

source: Youtube/Hbahz Gztga

Harley, a certified therapy dog renowned for his ability to provide comfort and assistance to humans, demonstrated that love and protectiveness transcend species boundaries. Though their whereabouts remain unknown, neither Harley nor Dorn will forget the incredible bond they formed with the baby deer and its mother. His instinctive heroism and subsequent bond with the baby deer exemplify the incredible depth of connection that animals can form with one another. This heartwarming story shows us the innate goodness that can be found in animals and the profound impact they have on our lives.