Sidney Poitier Becomes Emotional Recalling a Kind Jewish Waiter Who Taught Him to Read

source: Youtube/CBS Sunday Morning

On the road to success, we often meet amazing people who lend us a helping hand. They are like our personal cheerleaders, guiding us and making us believe in ourselves. They are the ones who teach us new things, inspire us, and lift our spirits when we feel down. They’re like superheroes without capes! Whether it’s a teacher, a mentor, a friend, or even a stranger, these incredible people play a crucial role in our journey. Let’s be honest, very few people reach their desired destination without any support. These unacknowledged champions deserve our heartfelt appreciation.

One example of this is Sidney Poitier, a famous actor who passed away in 2022. He shared a touching story from his youth that touched the hearts of many.

Sidney Poitier was not just an ordinary actor; he was a highly respected performer who achieved many remarkable things in his early years. In the 1960s, he became the first black actor and Bahamian to win an Academy Award. Some of his famous films include “In The Heat of the Night” and “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner.”

But there was a time when Poitier couldn’t even read a script. During this period, a kind waiter he worked with changed his life. The waiter was Jewish and noticed that Poitier had difficulty reading newspapers. Poitier admitted that reading was a challenge for him.

To Poitier’s surprise, the elderly waiter offered to help him. After the restaurant closed, they would sit together week after week, reading and practicing. The waiter taught him the basics of language and helped him improve his reading skills. This knowledge was essential for Poitier to become a successful actor who could read and understand scripts.

When Poitier won the Best Actor award at the Oscars, he spoke with confidence and clarity, thanks to the reading lessons from his Jewish mentor. However, he always regretted not being able to express his gratitude to the man who changed his life.

Perhaps in the afterlife, Poitier and his mentor were finally reunited, and he could thank him for everything. Imagining this reunion brings comfort and warmth to our hearts. It’s nice to believe that even after we pass away, we can still show gratitude.

The most important lesson from this story is that we should express gratitude to those who have helped us succeed. We should never forget the important role others have played in shaping our lives. Like Poitier, we should seize every opportunity to say thank you and appreciate the contributions of others. Remember, our achievements are not only because of our own efforts but also because of the unsung heroes who have guided us along the way.