Sister Builds Cottage in Her Backyard for Autistic Brother So He Can Live Independently

source: Youtube/SWNS

Living with autism is a unique experience for each individual. Unfortunately, many people with the condition remain undiagnosed, which means they don’t receive the support they need. Even for those who have been diagnosed, there is often a stigma attached to autism that they must confront.

One of these individuals is Chris. He has autism, and his sister Tiffany wanted to create a living situation where they could be close to each other. So, she decided to build a cottage for him. Tiffany is also the founder of Depo Market, a startup that aims to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Source: Youtube/SWNS

Chris was adopted when he was just 8 months old, and for 15 years, he and Tiffany lived far apart. Chris expressed his unhappiness with his current living arrangement, and Tiffany understood that her brother’s condition sometimes makes it challenging to live with him. However, she was determined to make him happy.

Living with higher-functioning autism presents its own set of challenges. Individuals may have different coping mechanisms and may experience boredom and stress in ways that neurotypical people find difficult to understand. Despite these challenges, Tiffany wanted nothing but the best for Chris, so she built him a home in her backyard.

Tiffany’s plan was to create a cottage that would cater to Chris’s specific needs. And she did an amazing job. The cottage is more than just a shed; it is a fully functional and beautiful home. The project cost $15,000, but it was worth every penny. The sunlight streams through the windows, enhancing the overall charm of the place.

Source: Instagram/@depo_market

People on the autism spectrum often develop unique habits, and Chris is no exception. He drinks a lot of water, more than most people do. So Tiffany made sure the house was equipped to meet his needs. She placed a water tank and a bathroom right by his bed, so he could easily access them during the night.

To ensure Chris’s safety, the kitchen features an induction cooker that prevents accidents from leaving the stove on. Tiffany also helps Chris by preparing portions of his food in case he forgets. The entire home is furnished with repurposed materials and furniture, which adds to its character and charm.

In addition to creating a welcoming home for Chris, Tiffany and her boyfriend have recently welcomed a new member into their family: their daughter Luna. Chris is thrilled to live near his baby niece. Furthermore, Tiffany’s startup, Depo Market, is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities. She is truly passionate about her mission and works tirelessly to find opportunities for individuals like her brother.

Living with autism can be challenging, but with the love and support of family and friends, individuals like Chris can lead fulfilling lives. Tiffany’s dedication to her brother’s happiness and her efforts through Depo Market serve as an inspiration to create a more inclusive and understanding world for people with autism and other disabilities.