Some People Believe The Shape Of Your Thumb Can Reveal Certain Things About Your Personality

We often hear that our physical features give others lots of clues about our personalities. Certain aspects of our bodies shape the way we think about ourselves, and this is no different when it comes to our more subtle physical traits.

There are five different thumb types and each one reveals many things about our personalities. After taking a look at these diagrams, which one are you?

1. Type A: The upper half of your thumb is bigger than the lower half

If this looks like your thumb, you refuse to settle for less than you deserve. You are constantly striving towards greatness, and would never settle for a mediocre life. Although your self-motivation is a positive quality, you can sometimes begin to obsess over your goals and the future. However, your humble nature and way of thinking will lead you to success in anything you put your mind to.

2. Type B: The lower half of your thumb is bigger than the upper half

If this looks like your thumb, you are extremely invested in your roots and your family. You are extremely honest, and would do anything to help someone out. You are someone who enjoys the little things in life and never takes them for granted. Because of this, others see you as extremely calming and compassionate. Although you may dream of different things, you always have both feet firmly planted on the ground.

3. Type C: Both halves of your thumb are equal in size

If this looks like your thumb, you appreciate harmony and balance over anything else. You are constantly striving towards equilibrium, and others are attracted to you because of this. Additionally, you are someone who follows and respects the yin-yang theory of life. For every negative, you are able to find a positive. This makes you able to tackle life’s problems more easily than most.

4. Type D: Your thumb is flexible

If this looks like your thumb, you are someone who is very skilled at adapting to life’s changes. You are a flexible person by nature, and have accepted that change (big or small) is an inevitable fact of life. You are someone who is very openminded, and this rare quality has allowed you to be a survivor. No matter what life throws at you, you change and adapt accordingly.

5. Type E: Your thumb is inflexible

If this looks like your thumb, you have an extremely dominant personality. You are stubborn by nature, which can be both a good and a bad thing. You know what you want, and you would never let anyone get in the way of achieving your goals. When people have gained your trust, you would do absolutely anything for them. Although you may be stubborn, you are generally stubborn about well-thought out and realistic plans.