‘Start-Anew-Moons’ Are The Latest Viral Travel Trend

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Honeymoons have been a popular way to celebrate the beginning of a marriage for decades. But now, there’s a new travel trend gaining popularity — and it has to do with celebrating the end of a marriage.

Throughout the past year, travel agents have seen a drastic increase in people taking “post-divorce vacations.” In fact, they’ve even coined a term for this new phenomenon: start-anew-moons. These trips aren’t taken with self-pity on the mind. On the contrary, they’re meant to celebrate a divorce being finalized and a new chapter of life opening up.

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According to Christina Pedroni, senior vice president of Liberty Travel, start-anew-moons seem to be most popular among 40 to 50-year-old women. They’ll either take solo trips for relaxation and self-discovery, or bring a few girlfriends along as a celebratory, fun vacation. However, newly divorced men are also participating in start-anew-moons.

In fact, hotels and resorts are beginning to notice the start-anew-moon trend as well. The Grand Velas Riviera Maya Resort in Mexico is now offering a “divorce package,” where guests can “restore their inner sense of harmony and rejoice in their newfound freedom” through activities like yoga and spiritual purification sessions. Sounds like pretty smart marketing to me!

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Although divorce rates are suspected to drop thanks to the millennial population, they’re always going to happen. And what better way to close one chapter of life and welcome another than with a fun or relaxing tropical vacation?!